The Free Hive Voting Service Is Working Again

Blurt Node Issue

Today had stability issues. I checked my free voting service and saw that I was no longer voting on Blurt (the node is stable again now).

Nice Surprise

I see that I have successfully voted on Hive again. I am surprised because I had given up on rewriting the service after HF24, because I could no longer work on Hive with the same scripts I use with Steem and Blurt.

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What Was Changed?

I had asked about the changes that were made to solve my problem and I was told to go learn to code. I said to myself: too bad for Hive, voting on Blurt is more profitable. Trading with @quicktrades is more profitable on Steem too.
I guess I'm not the only developer who gave up. HiveStats was no longer fully functional either. I guess some users were lost too.

Thank You

Today I have a good surprise and I see that the issue has been resolved. I haven't changed anything and it works again. HiveStats is fully working too now. I'm not very present on Hive anymore and I don't know what the Hive devs have changed. Thanks for the fix!

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