Welcome to the World of Hive! ***DO NOT UPVOTE AT THIS TIME***

Edited by @jamerussell; this is basically a republished post from LONG ago so we could update it to include Hive.

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Welcome to the World of Hive! You have obtained your account, you have been reading so many posts and watching so many Dtubes, and finally finished your introduction post so now what? Well, you will need to start getting involved by commenting, voting, and finding where you belong. But how are you going to do that? Here are a few tips from us to you that we hope you find helpful.

One of the things that will help you grow here in the world of Hive is to remember that the community is the reason this is such an amazing place to be. To get involved in that community you want to read what everyone is writing and you want to comment, sincerely comment on what you have read. This helps to get your name out there and helps people get to know you in addition to your blog posts and videos. Comment, comment, the comment is what we encourage to grow in this community.

However, being new you probably have a low Hive Power (HP) which means you will have low voting power and low resource credits. (You can find that information here: https://hivestats.io/@yournameHERE). The key is, while you are so low in HP, to keep your Resource Credit number to about 80%. Here's a great article by @welcomewagon to explain why, you can view it HERE .

Image from Jordan Rubin at Unsplash"

When you are making a post, a very important thing to remember is to tag the item accordingly. Keep in mind that the #introduceyourself tag is just for introductions and the acceptable amount of uses of this tag is about four. It's not a hard set rule, but it is the polite and courtesy way of doing things. If you want to read more on how to tag your posts better, please check out @makowrites post Why Proper Tagging is Crucial HERE .

The same is with your voting power. If you are like we were when we began, we thought the "upvote" was like Facebook's "like" button. It is, but it holds a lot more weight because you are actually paying someone Hive (money) for their work. Because of that, you don't want to push the vote button for every post you read; only vote if it really is good quality and content you truly enjoyed. Here is a video by @sethlinson about voting power called " My New Animation for Steemit Explains Voting Power to Newcomers" HERE . that might help explain it a bit better.

One final thought that can help to enhance your time here in the Hive World: Discord. This is an application that is free to use for voice, video, and text chat for everyone from ages 13 and up. Normally it is used by people who do group online games, but we here on the blockchain use it to increase our activity as a community. For more information as to how using Discord can help with your Hive experience check out The Terminal, an invitation link is at the bottom of this post.

Once you have set up your Discord account ( you can do that HERE .) there are many things you can do there. It is a good place to meet people and share what you have and see what others are posting.

If you would like to find a place on Discord that has been created to help new people learn about the basics of the Steem or Hive and would like to have some interaction while also learning how to use the Discord Servers, you can join @thekittygirl, and @brittandjosie in the Terminal Server your one-stop location for learning about destinations on the Steem and/or Hive Blockchain & Discord. Here you will find people who are willing to answer the questions you may have as a new Steemian or a new Hivian, documents to assist you, a place to learn and practice, and find out about the many opportunities to connect with other Steemians or Hivians! You can click HERE to go directly to the The Terminal.

We hope this helps you get around easier. You are always welcome to ask us questions and if we don't know the answer, we will get you to someone who can. Welcome to the Hive Community and can't wait to see what you have in store for us all!

Remember, GET OUT and live life outside your box!


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