HeyCrim! Can you please update your blog already?


A long way to go, and more hills to climb. (Just the way I like it.)

Time flies when you're busy, doesn't it? I've been getting a ton of little pokes to check on me to see if I'm still functioning (mostly, on good days) and I realized that this might be a great time to break my unwritten "no boring-about-Crim's-life posts" and "create posts for others to step into and experience" rules to kind of lay out all of the hopes and dreams I've been working towards this last six weeks or so. If you're looking for beautiful photography, loud music, or steemy insights, close this post and run safely far, far away now, with the knowledge that those things will be returning to my page soon™! Otherwise, I wanted to kind of sum it all up, because the entirety of my last year has been shaped by my love of and participation in the Steem ecosystem, and I didn't want to leave that in a seemingly nebulous state for too long.


I bought a new place, sold the old one, and kind of almost made myself accidentally homeless.

Moving is ridiculous! I've been looking for space that fits my family better and that will give me more space to really focus on the stuff I love most: painting, working on graphic design, written story-telling, stunning photography, fun little videos, and creating engaging broadcast shows where I can entertain people (it does seem to be people laugh at me more than with me, but I'll take it!) and where I can spend time directly talking to users on and off the blockchain about the tech and philosophy of the Steem ecosystem. I figured if I sold my place over the summer, I would be able to take the time to find something new that will allow me to create a proper studio and let me get back to the create-y things that I truly love.

Well, it sold in six days, and I had to be out in three weeks. Oh. Poo.

It's been a mad scramble to find the right new place, let alone one that I could purchase and move into with so little notice. I got even luckier (read this in a super sarcastic tone while rolling your eyes heavenward with the weight of all the first world problems pressing a snarky sigh out of you) that the one that I found also had super fast and inflexible dates. So I went from "I will move this summer, I hope" into "well, I have to pay for this new place before the old place closes so get rekt, also, pack half a decade of your life into boxes in about fifteen days or get rekter." Anything I can recycle or give to someone else who will need or love it is flying out the door at the speed of light.


Neat! So I move in two days.



If you're around any of the communities, then you've likely seen or heard more from me than you'd like (don't think you'll actually ever escape, you fool.) I have still been doing my radio shows, still moderate where I can, and answer every DM that comes my way. Posting has gotten put on the backburner for a bit, as per usual, but I'm still here in every other capacity. Scripts are still running, websites are still trucking, servers are still beep booping, curation is still dooting, and I remain, as always, at your service.


I am going to miss how beautifully suited my old place was for us, but new opportunities and all that... it also means that maybe there will be some how-not-to renovation tutorials in the future as I destroy get settled. I will have space to paint more often and will force myself to actually do it, and I will be sorting through photography for prints, which always inspires sharing the stories they secretly hold. I want to hug all your faces in Thailand. I've been working on some fun designs for merchandise, and there's just a lot of things that have been slowed to a crawl that are just waiting to get rolling. I'm looking forward to unpacking it all again. 🖤



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