Please lend me your upvotes for NFT art!

I am now a verified artist on NFT showroom.


In order to create an NFT asset you must first deposit Hive into your account as Hive.Swap, which is a Hive-Engine peg 1:1 with Hive. It costs a Hive-Engine fee of 0.05 Hive to deposit any amount.


In order to create an NFT it costs 5 Hive for the first edition, and 1 Hive for each additional edition. I have already deposited 10.89 Hive and am preparing to create my first NFT, but I am asking users to please lend me your upvotes so I can create more editions of my artwork. I am deliberating on what to create first, since I will only be able to make one to begin with.


Once you are verified as an artist, you will be able to find the Tokenize settings and can start planning your first non fungible tokenized digital art. You can buy and sell these on NFT marketplaces like as well as !

There is also an explorer you can use to search accounts and transactions, at .

Liquid rewards from this post will be turned into hive.swap and used to create original artwork NFTs !


Thank you for your time and support.
What kind of NFTs are attractive to you?

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