FullForce Radio Live Stream with Me in 2 Hours — Here are 4 New Playlists to Pump Us Up, on the Road to 20k Steem!

snapped by me during a live gig in Vancouver

WALK WITH ME IN (home renovation) HELL 🤘 and join me on the path to twenty thousand Steem! Yes, my friends... I'm less than 90 Steem away from hitting the 20k Steem milestone. I've been working on selling my place (definitely not to buy more, amirite) and this week's show is full force motivation to get. shit. done.

I've been prepping posts and shows like a madwoman, but it turns out that when people want to buy your house it shouldn't look like garbage and that means you may have to prioritize it — who knew? So while I get a handle on this big ol' annoying life event, why not come hug pit/paint spin with me with extreme force? It is my great love to spend the time I do creating Steem powered social broadcasting content to share with you and the wider world. Hitting that 20k Steem mark shows me that the further out I take this show, the more of the world we can take over. FullForce Radio unites us... or at least gives you guys a chance to laugh at me drunk on air or to bang your head now and again. This month I have FOUR live episodes of great metal and irreverent chat that I'm sharing with all of you. The last FullForce radio post was a mega two month recap and the night of the wayback playback foofaraw: scroll down for the four playlists from live shows since then. If you need some professional caulking, I'm Miss Modness if you're nasty, and I can lubricate your joints and hammer it hard. If you need a fire under your ass and some loud music in your ears I better see you at the live stream. 🖤

Driving beats for driving nails! Put on your hard hat and come party in the pond with the rest of the No Pants Piranhas by chatting, singing, and possibly electrocuting yourself LIVE with ME at the PALnet Discord interactive audience channel! You can listen to the radio directly on MSPwaves.com, through our VIMM stream, or in voice chat on Discord. WHAT TIME IS IT AGAIN?


When last we left off, there was a whole lot of fringe and hairspray.

I often think of our FullForce episodes together as rubbing shoulders in a comfy metal bar with all my best friends. Lots of people coming and going, loud music, great laughs, and some truly hilariously bizarre conversations that can only arise organically when you're having a great time. Thanks for making FullForce yours. 🖤 Here are four playlists to catch you up and boogie you down. The links below allow you to check out the music only playlists from each of these shows, so if you want to skip listening to me talk, this is the way to go. I never think each week can get better than the last, and then we go ahead and blow that shit right out of the water with diverse tastes, open minds, and inappropriate friendships. Truly, my tribe: with you, it is an honour.

In Episode 70, we went way back and way wild:

Episode 71 demystified death defiantly:

The conquering hordes arrived with fire and thunder in Episode 72:

There's a teensy chance we opened an extra dimensional portal during Episode 73:


...and don't forget we now have The FullForce Radio Master List of Epic Metal, Complete Fuckery, and Imminent Headbanging.

FullForce Radio Master Playlist link
Everything I've ever played: 1,318 songs, 104+ hours long, and growing!

Not a huge metal fan? That's okay... I always make sure to mix in accessible stuff with classics and new discoveries from all over the world, plus a bit of hard rock too! We spend tons of time just talking, because it's impossible to shut me up. Did you tune in and hang out for any of these last seven FullForce Radio shows? Let me know what you thought! 🌶️


...and finally, if you got all the way down here... FullForce Radio Archives
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