A single shot

Slowly most of us pick up our lives again. I hardly hear anyone talk about going back to normal. The only one who mentioned it lately was an employer. To him meant back to normal back to the office! The end of home offices. There are plenty of people who loved working at home. I would stimulate it. No need for a huge office and it's proved people work harder. I would not hire gossipers, chit chatters, those who keep endless coffee breaks and smoking breaks anyway. No matter what they state about cigarettes (80% of the smokers won't get covid). No, they won't. They will get cancer, cough like an idiot is hoarse, smell and those forced to inhale their smoke will get lung cancer too. Apparently, dying of lung cancer isn't so bad. By the way, one out of six women over here get breast cancer. If you ask me we have worse diseases to worry about.

The coronavirus is though. I read this morning our RIVM made one age group out of 0-50 years old otherwise the numbers of those infected and being sick are so extremely low that they need to talk about a single individual! Who's fooling who? I agree it sounds better to take numbers out of China or some bad scenario calculation. Good news, positive developments do not impress. The biggest fool can understand that. Divide (spread fear, name a scapegoat) and reign (being a dictator is totally hot these days so why not give it a try?).

A Belgium doctor told something interesting. It might bring hope to those who need it. It's indeed hard to ignore all those facts spread around. They say scolding doesn't hurt but it does. Especially if those words flow out of the mouth of people with zero tolerance. People like Fauci, Hugo de Jonge and everyone who didn't study meds, don't care about nature (the right to die of the flu, covid, a SARS or other virus if the PCR test shows positive). Of course many do their best. Life goes on and has to go on.

Those purebloods are poor of mind and should stay inside, hide. Preferably filled with shame and if that doesn't work better kick them to death after all everyone with a mind, who can think, is a terrorist. I read what a lack of food does to your brain. There are easier ways to depopulate but I guess they won't bring as much cash. The cash which shouldn't flow into the hands of the common people because minimalism will save all of us.

Pick up your life, have fun like those 25k+ people in Madrid, those who cheered at Megadeth or the Unmute Us demonstrators who danced through the city of Utrecht. It's true what they say you only live once and the world we live in can be taken away tomorrow... A single shot and it's over.

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