How We Get Sick / Catch Disease / Develop Illness and What To Do About It

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being

and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

—World Health Organization

There are only 2 reasons why a person becomes ill:

  1. We "catch" something. This means your body picked up a "germ," generally a virus or bacteria.
  2. We "develop" an illness or disease. This means there is some imbalance in the body, something is not working right, and an illness or disease develops. Common diseases in this category include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, acid reflux, arthritis, etc.

So we catch "something" and our body cannot fight it off, therefore we give way to the "germs" or our bodies develop something in the genetically weak areas.


In both of the above cases the causes are the same:

A) . Your immune system is weak .

B). Toxins are attacking your body.


What it boils down to is that we either A) have too many toxins in our body, B) we have nutritional deficiencies or C) we have trapped mental/emotional stress.  

That is the root cause of illness!

In some cases we may be negatively affected by electromagnetic chaos (smart meters, etc).  

So what are toxins?

Toxins are harmful agents found in the environment. Their is a list that was put together by Dr. Don Smith, a professor at UC Santa Cruz which contains hundreds of names — 689 to be exact — most popular among them being the mercury we find in fish, the azodicarbonamide we find in yoga mats (and Subway sandwich bread), and bisphenol A, or BPA, the highly controversial compound found in consumer plastics - just to name a few.


Our ability to remove them from our bodies depends on things like iron levels and calcium levels, and how clean (or dirty) our colons are. According to Dr. Smith "Losing weight may happen while you’re huffing and puffing, but toxin removal only comes through flushing your body’s system. "


So what do we do with this knowledge?

A great place to start is by detoxifying your body. How to accomplish this will be different for each individual. It would be best for you to get some personalized advice from a NATURAL health practitioner (someone who doesn't believe that pharmaceuticals and cutting off limbs is the best approach).


Some common detoxes are: specific diets, fasting, colonic therapy, liver detox, etc.

The next major thing to consider is your lifestyle.

  • Are you getting 7-8 hours sleep per night?
    (If not, how is your body supposed to be able to heal and repair? )

  • Are you spending most of your days stressed out?
    (Stress = toxins because your body becomes acidic.)

  • Are you getting regular cardiovascular exercise?
    ( If not, how is fresh blood and oxygen supposed to get to all your organs?)

  • Are you making time to unwind, relax, feel good?
    (If not, how are you supposed to relax and reduce stress levels?)


Remember: Real Wealth is impossible without Real Health.
Adjust your priorities... You're worth it! : )

*credit to Kevin Trudeau and his book Natural Cures. The first 2 paragraphs was taken/inspired from his groundbreaking book.

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