Favorite Drinks

What do you drink? What are your favorite beverages, drinks, water, soda, pop, wine, beer, liquids, and why? Please let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of my favorite drinks as follows:

Cranberry Juice:

I'm not drinking soda because cranberry cleans my teeth like a fine wine, it renews me like Tommy Robinson in popular culture, and cranberry juice is just magic, like grapes. We feel better when we drink water and juice. Natural sugars are better than fake sugars and other fake things that are added to foods and drinks. We are all our own doctors. We do better when we eat from our own gardens and when we live in boat plane cars and as we live in the ground in forests. We can live longer and be happier in so many ways with Oatmeal and with Victory.

Lemon Water:

I like sweet lemon juice and lemon water. I eat raw lemons, too.

Green Tea:

Love tea, especially green tea. So romantic. So relaxing.


Especially like the coffee in Vietnam. Wakes me up. Good to the last drop.


I'm drinking water each day. Many people don't drink pure water. Some water is Fake-Filtered and there is some bad stuff that is put in some bottled water. Plastic gets into water because plastic bottled water leaks BPA.

Favorite Drinks

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