Cold Showers

If you're ready to up your game, then try a new thing.

Introduce new things into your routine each day.

Start out slowly, if you want, pace yourself, prepare yourself, mentally, spiritually, first, physically as well throughout, and especially emotionally by and through acceptance, commitment, gradual transition, momentum, acceleration, towards goals.

History Lesson

Rome was not built in a day and your mojo and inner strength is developed slowly as it endurance. In this video, Mike Cernovich talks about how he was at a level of ten out of ten during that famous CNN interview from like 2017 and Mike prepared himself to get there.

Make that your mission, each step at a time.

Cold Showers

On average, Mike may be at around a 7 to a 9. Mike @Cernovich prepared himself to take daily cold showers. He grills himself mentally in what he may be asked when people are attacking, interviewing, or in whatever life throws at him.

Learn to dodge.


Personally, I've been learning some of this as well. If you can't control your breathing in a control environment, then you are doomed in the game of Unpredictable Life. Take the time to test yourself.

Make the time.

No Pain No Gain

That is the beauty of fitness, sports, basketball, workouts, exercise, aerobics, running, jogging, weight-lifting, hiking, biking, yoga (prayer), cycling, for example, to name a few.

The beauty in it all.

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