Knowing Health Insurance: Definition, Kinds And Benefits

Hearing the term health insurance may be familiar to society at large. By having health insurance, a person can seek treatment at a cost borne by the insurance company. In short, the role of health insurance is very important for everyone who can be used to cover medical expenses and hospital costs.

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Based on a survey from a trusted research institute, there are two types of costs that have increased very rapidly every year, namely the cost of education and the cost of health. You can imagine the increase in medical costs doubled from the previous year. And sometimes the increases exceed the monthly salary increases. Due to this fact, a health insurance is needed to protect expensive health costs.

The very rapid increase in hospital and health costs every year makes it difficult for most people in this country to pay for increasingly expensive medical costs. Their savings cannot pay for hospital bills. This creates a stigma in society that "poor people are prohibited from getting sick." Moreover, it is strengthened by several reports in the mass media which contain news that a number of poor people do not get proper treatment from the hospital.

Expensive Hospital Cost Solution
Who wants to be sick? Everyone certainly wants to live in healthy conditions. There are many downsides to a sick body. Like not being able to do daily activities properly. In addition, with a sick body, the cost of treatment to the hospital is quite expensive.

All human beings, starting from children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, cannot escape illness. One day humans can get sick. Especially for people who have reached old age, they are very vulnerable to contracting diseases. Meanwhile, medical expenses are getting more expensive from year to year. Therefore, a person needs to take part in health insurance so that he can cover expensive medical expenses with health insurance organized by private and government companies.

Definition of Health Insurance
Understanding health insurance can be seen in general and specifically. The definition of health insurance (Asuransi Kesehatan Terbaik) in general is a very solid agreement between the two parties, namely the insurance company and the health insurance policy holder. The agreement is written clearly on paper which has strong legal provisions and is stamped.

The agreement paper also states the obligations and rights of the health insurance policy holder. And the obligations and rights of insurance companies. One of the obligations of health insurance policyholders is to pay premiums whose nominal values ​​have been determined in a timely manner per month. For example, BPJS health insurance requires its participants to pay a monthly premium of Rp. 59,500 for class 1, class 2 Rp. 42 500 and class 3 Rp. 25 500.

The obligation of a health insurance company is to cover all health and medical expenses in the hospital if the insured party is sick.

Meaning of Health Insurance According to Experts
To be clearer, the understanding of health insurance is thoroughly explored by experts. As revealed by Professor Prodjodikoro, which provides a definition of health insurance as a solid agreement held by two parties in a profitable manner, namely the insurance company and the insured in the matter of coverage for health costs accompanied by an obligation to pay a monthly premium.

If at some point in the future, the insurance policyholder gets the risk of loss, the insurance company will pay all medical expenses and hospital fees according to the previous agreement.

Kinds of Health Insurance
The following are the types of health insurance that you need to know, including:

  1. Social Health Insurance

Social health insurance is a health insurance that runs on a social basis. In a sense, the collection of health funds is carried out collectively or mutually, which is mandatory in the form of a monthly premium. For example the Health BPJS.

  1. Private Health Insurance

An insurance policy administered by a private company. When compared to social health insurance, this insurance provides better health services and treatment.

  1. Commercial Health Insurance

The meaning of commercial health insurance is a strong agreement between the insured and the insurer with written and clear conditions that must be fulfilled. This type of insurance is voluntary. A person enters this type of insurance on his own initiative in financing a very large future treatment.

Just like private, social health insurance, commercial health insurance has the aim of protecting yourself and family members from all health risks that can occur at any time which require large costs.

Health Insurance Benefits
Health insurance is one of the insurance products that many people follow. Because health is the main human need. Although abundant wealth is not accompanied by a healthy body, abundant wealth cannot be enjoyed. Therefore, it is very natural that many people are willing to spend so much money to ensure their health.

Health insurance has a myriad of benefits. The following are health insurance benefits that you need to know, including:

  1. Health services

By having health insurance, a person can enjoy free health services and medical treatment. Starting from hospitalization, outpatient care , delivery costs and so on.

  1. Money is replaced

The main benefit of health insurance is that there is a money replacement guarantee because the policyholder has deposited a monthly premium to the health insurance company. Coupled with the existence of health facilities. So that the benefits can be felt greater than the monthly premium that has been paid.

  1. Compensation

Health insurance policyholders are generally given an additional bonus in the form of life insurance by the insurance company. So that health insurance is well maintained. Likewise, if the head of the family as the main breadwinner is permanently disabled or experiencing death, the heirs will receive compensation funds from the insurance company.

  1. Health care

By having health insurance, we will get peace in terms of finances if we need intensive health care in the hospital and are seriously ill. We will get various health care facilities both outpatient and inpatient. All treatment and medical expenses are borne directly by the insurance company according to the agreement.4. Overcoming expensive medical funds

Health insurance will provide protection to customers against health and medical costs that are becoming increasingly expensive in the future. So that the burden of large health costs can be borne by the company. With the agreement we have paid a monthly premium.

Based on the survey in the field, the cost of medical treatment has increased every year by twofold. This is what makes health and medical expenses one of the biggest expenses for a person and family besides education costs. So that health insurance instruments are needed to anticipate these large expenses.

Those are some of the benefits of health insurance which are part of getting to know health insurance , its meaning, types and benefits.

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