How to Choose Insurance During the Corona Pandemic

The Covid19 outbreak that occurred initially in China continues to spread to a number of countries in the world including Indonesia. The impact has been tremendous on the economy of the people and country concerned. Where most people do not have an income anymore because they spend more time at home. This is to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Stay at home is the slogan that spreads during the Covid19 pandemic, which means staying at home in order to cut the spread of Covid19.

The economic condition of the people and the country experiencing a sluggishness cannot be ignored. Because the economy must run. Therefore, a number of countries in the world have started to open office centers, shopping centers, schools, universities, restaurants, tourist attractions, and other public places. However, all public facilities are opened by applying very strict health protocols.

The development of the Covid19 outbreak which is still ongoing today has an impact on the insurance business. Based on information from private and government insurance companies, since the corona virus broke out, the number of health insurance customers has increased. This is what makes the Covid19 outbreak a breath of fresh air for the prospects for the health insurance industry in the country.

The insurance that is most in demand by the current community in Indonesia is health insurance which can also protect health costs due to contracting the corona virus. Just like basic necessities, the price of health insurance has increased significantly and has sometimes stabilized again amid the current Covid19 pandemic.

Effect on Economy
The effect of the spread of covid19 which continues to spread in the country up to 3000 positive cases per day has made various parties feel the impact. Such as businessmen, big traders, medium traders and small traders. Their income has dropped dramatically. However, there are a few types of businesses that are selling well during the corona pandemic.

There are several types of businesses that have been selling well in the midst of the corona virus outbreak. Such as online businesses, Go Food, Grab Food, etc. And most types of businesses that have gone out of business. Such as tourism business, street culinary business and so on. All of that is only temporary. Because the covid19 outbreak will end soon.

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Public Interest in Insurance
Before the Covid19 outbreak was rampant, people were made aware of the importance of life, health, education and other insurance products as protection products from all losses. Do not let you suffer even greater losses as a result of a disaster. The solution is taking out insurance.

You can see that the people who are prosperous financially they generally provide themselves with insurance. For example, by taking out property insurance, health insurance, education insurance, life insurance and others. The insurance premiums paid every month are of very little value. While the benefits that are felt are greater than the cost of the premium paid.

Along with the outbreak of the corona virus, positive patients continue to emerge in various regions of the country, making many people afraid. They are afraid to leave the house and catch Covid19. This fear is very reasonable because the number of people with Covid19 in Indonesia continues to increase. To anticipate bad events that can occur, you can take out health insurance.

Why should you take out health insurance? To pay for treatment if at any time you are sick during a pandemic which requires expensive medical costs.

When Indonesia enters the new normal era which is overshadowed by Covid19 which continues to lurk, Asuransi kesehatan terbaik health insurance sales continue to increase. People have always known the importance of insurance. In addition, the corona virus pandemic outbreak has increasingly increased their awareness of taking the best health insurance .

The nature of the corona virus which is easily spread and contagious is very dangerous. This virus can be transmitted through the air and when a person has a weak immune system. Therefore, the easiest way to avoid being exposed to Covid19 is to increase endurance and prevent transmission by keeping a distance and wearing a mask.

Covid19 is arguably a very dangerous virus. Because people who are positive for this virus sometimes have no symptoms. This is what is called a person without symptoms even though he has Covid19. He easily spreads it to other people around him without him and the public knowing.

The risk of death for people affected by COVID-19 is quite there. Even though more people with Covid19 have recovered than died, it's still dangerous COVID19. Because it attacks the upper human respiratory organs which then attacks the lungs. In the end, the sufferer developed pneumonia.

Very high fever and a feeling of shortness of breath are among the symptoms caused by the corona virus attack. This is a sign of a symptom that must be treated as soon as possible. In this situation, many people prefer to take out health insurance to obtain optimal medical cost protection.

For those of you who don't have health insurance now, you can consider taking out health insurance as needed. Caused by various new diseases and corona outbreaks that are not over. You can fortify yourself with the right health insurance.

How to Choose Insurance During the Corona Pandemic
For those of you who want to take out insurance during the corona pandemic, there are several things that should be considered, including:

  1. Take health insurance at a healthy time

Often someone procrastinate to take out health insurance. He still thought that he was still healthy. Even though health insurance is not for people who are sick. Insurance to provide optimal health cost protection for a disaster that occurs. For example, if he is sick, he is exposed to the corona virus. Then the insurance will cover all medical expenses.

We cannot predict illness accident. We can get sick at any time and have to be hospitalized. And have to spend a lot of money. Especially now that there is an epidemic of Covid19 which can strike you when you are off guard.

Do not let you take out insurance when sick. On the contrary, it is very detrimental and claims can be rejected. Ill disaster can come unexpectedly. You can take part in various types of health insurance provided by the government or private. For example: BPJS health, Allianz, Prudential, Manulife, and other health insurance.

  1. Choosing insurance based on need

At the time of the Covid19 pandemic outbreak, you should take out health insurance based on need not based on desire. There are various types and kinds of insurance. Choose as needed. Suppose you choose reimbursement or cashless system insurance.

  1. Read the insurance policy carefully

One of the things that people often miss is reading policies. Though this is important. To find out the terms and conditions of insurance. In addition, to find out your various obligations and rights as a customer. By understanding that, you will know the facilities that you will get from the insurance concerned. Like covering Covid19 or not. Choose insurance that covers Covid19 in the midst of this increasingly widespread corona pandemic situation.

  1. Do not be lulled by cheap prices

Various health insurance products are very diverse and new types of insurance are growing. Some offer premiums at low prices. With a number of attractive facilities and services. This may make you attractive. Even though cheap premium insurance has limitations in services compared to more expensive premium insurance.

You should not be fooled by cheap premium insurance. Maybe there are some diseases that are not backed up or health services that are less than optimal. You can first check the services and facilities obtained from cheap premium health insurance. So that you don't regret it later

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