A vaccine so good they have to coerce, threaten, and trick you into taking it!

CNN says anti-vaxxers, truthers, conspiracy theorists, concerned parents, and skeptics are going to be the downfall of human civilization. They claim hesitancy toward the coming covid-19 vaccines is leading to an epidemic of disinformation, and will result in an inadequate number of people being vaccinated to stop the pandemic.

"A high level of mistrust has been evident since the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and has clearly facilitated transmission of the virus" said an expert. "Like how so many are unwilling to wear face masks."

But the article doesn't go into exactly what the "second pandemic" consists of, aside from incorrect information. The reader is left wonder how to distinguish between real news and fake news, but is quickly reminded that CNN (and other trusted outlets) are the only legitimate source of news.

Another article informs us that in the UK, those who don't accept the vaccine won't be welcome in regular society. That's not a threat, or anything...

Meanwhile, people who want actual information about the vaccine have to go to alternative media. Here is my latest offering on the subject:

Remember to get your information from a variety of sources, especially ones not officially sanctioned and endorsed by, well, each other and the state.


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