Upcoming Documentary: Planet Lockdown

By Neenah Payne

See the trailer for the explosive documentary Planet Lockdown.

The site says:

“A documentary and interview series covering the information needed to understand where we are today. The full-length film is coming soon. Until then, watch the full interviews and subscribe to our newsletter. These interviews will be used in an upcoming documentary film. Unheard voices, important critique, insight and understanding inform this project.

We must wake up and understand the importance of standing up for our natural rights. Truth exists objectively, even if it is elusive. It should be sought as a life-bringing endeavor. To donate to post production of the film and continuing the interview series, go to GoFundMe. To fund in Bitcoin, use the address: 1KF1frHMfMm1Bi94GoYAcAvUqomLoLZPMM.”

Until 2020, “lockdown” was a term that applied only to prisons. Yet, beginning in March 2020, the whole world was put on an unprecedented lockdown for a flu which the media, the World Health Organization, and governments told us was a “deadly pandemic” that threatened to kill millions of people unless we wore masks, social distanced, and finally got a rushed, poorly-tested, gene-altering injection approved only for emergency use. Yet, there was no emergency because the CDC statistics below indicate that COVID threatens less than 1% of the population.

So, what is really going on and why?

The interview with Catherine Austin Fitts in the documentary has been going viral although You Tube blocked it! Fitts explains that the COVID policies are conditioning humanity to accept an unprecedented global tyranny on the pretext of protecting us from an "invisible enemy" and "deadly pandemic".

Catherine Austin Fitts: The COVID Global Coup D’Etat

Fitts connects finance, health, and food like no one else.

She says the policies are designed to facilitate a global economic and political shift whose endgame few people can see yet. That allows millions of people to be tricked into supporting destructive policies. Fitts describes it as a global coup d’etat that involves the replacement of all currencies with Central Bank Digital Currencies. In addition, the mRNA in the vaccines introduces transhumanism that will allow the 1% total control over every person. Fitts describes this shift as going from freedom to slavery.

However, Fitts believes it’s still possible to stop this tyranny if even just 5-10% of the population wakes up soon enough. Understanding the global agenda hidden by the corporate media and Big Tech is the first step to reclaiming our power. That’s the key goal of the Planet Lockdown documentary.

Fitts mentions her June 2020 article The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccine which says:

“The first and most important goal is the replacement of the existing U.S. dollar currency system used by the general population with a digital transaction system that can be combined with digital identification and tracking. The goal is to end currencies as we know them and replace them with an embedded credit card system that can be integrated with various forms of control, potentially including mind control. “De-dollarization” is threatening the dollar global reserve system...

The reason we have not entered into hyperinflation is because of the dramatic drop in money velocity occasioned by converting Covid-19 into an engineered shutdown of significant economic activity and the bankrupting of millions of small and medium-sized businesses. The managers of the dollar system are under urgent pressure to use new technology to centralize economic flows and preserve their control of the financial system.

Just as Gates installed an operating system in our computers, now the vision is to install an operating system in our bodies and use “viruses” to mandate an initial installation followed by regular updates.”

COVID-19 Injections Are Not “Vaccines”

The article adds:

“Now I appreciate why Gates and his colleagues want to call these technologies “vaccines.” If they can persuade the body politic that injectible credit cards or injectible surveillance trackers or injectible brain-machine interface nanotechnologies are “vaccines,” then they can enjoy the protection of a century or more of legal decisions and laws that support their efforts to mandate what they want to do. As well, they can insist that U.S. taxpayers fund, through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the damages for which they would otherwise be liable as a result of their experiments—and violations of the Nuremberg Code and numerous civil and criminal laws—on the general population.

The scheme is quite clever. Get the general population to go along with defining their new injectable high-tech concoctions as “vaccines,” and they can slip them right into the vaccine pipeline. No need to worry about the disease and death that will result from something this unnatural delivered this quickly. The freedom from liability guaranteed by the PREP Act through the declaration of an emergency—and the ability to keep the emergency going through contact tracing—can protect them from liability for thousands if not millions of deaths and disabilities likely to follow such human experimentation. Ideally, they can just blame the deaths on a virus.”

Fitts raises key questions:

“Why are we calling these formulations “vaccines”? If I understand the history of case law, vaccines, in legal terms, are medicine. Intentional heavy metal poisoning is not medicine. Injectible surveillance components are not medicine. Injectible credit cards are not medicine. An injectible brain-machine interface is not a medicine. Legal and financial immunity for insurance companies does not create human immunity from disease.

We need to stop allowing these concoctions to be referred to by a word that the courts and the general population define and treat as medicine and protect from legal and financial liability. The perpetrators of this fraud are trying a very neat trick—one that will help them go much faster and cancel out a lot of risk—at our expense….. Why are we acquiescing in calling these bizarre and deeply dangerous concoctions “vaccines”? Whatever they are, they are not medicine.

So, what shall our naming convention be? What name shall we give to the relevant poisons, neurologically damaging metals, and digital shackles? Whatever we call them, I know one thing. THEY ARE NOT MEDICINE, WHICH MEANS THEY SURE ARE NOT VACCINES."

Fitts says in the interview that the people in control are trying to use the COVID “vaccines” to load an operating system into our bodies. Fitts connects many dots between the financial, technological, and medical worlds that most people are not aware of. As she shows, Bill Gates plays a pivotal role in this evolving global technocratic takeover. While the media presents Gates as a benevolent philanthropist dedicated to helping and saving humanity, Fitts explains that the reality is radically different.

She describes how Gates got into the position of power he has now and the agenda he serves. Fitts says we are in a spiritual war now for the survival of humanity and there are some things worse than death. What’s at stake is our freedom or permanent global slavery. She explains that it is time for every person to choose sides now.

Are COVID “Vaccines” Causing Crippling Illnesses and Deaths?

Science Journals Support Claim that Pfizer Covid Vaccine May Cause Deadly Neurodegenerative Disease points out:

“A recent article published in the scientific journal Microbiology and Infectious Diseases makes the claim that the mRNA Pfizer Covid vaccine may contain prions which cause deadly neurodegenerative disease, sometimes called 'Creutzfeldt-Jakob' or 'Mad Cow' disease.

The article, titled 'COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease,' was published in January of 2021 and has been studiously ignored by major media, which has focused its efforts on encouraging individuals to take the jab….The paper goes on to state that 'The folding of TDP-43 and FUS into their pathologic prion confirmations is known to cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases.' In other words, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine may have the capability of turning brains to mush.”


“The origins of #Covid19 are becoming increasingly clear, and Dr. Richard Fleming, cardiologist and researcher walks Del through a shocking paper trail surrounding the SARS-CoV2 virus and its link to Tony Fauci and US funded gain-of-function research.”

“They Don’t Want to See People Like Us” :

“In a Highwire exclusive, Del sits down with three healthcare workers who were on the frontline of Covid vaccine rollouts in America. In a candid and emotional interview, the three women go back to the day they received their vaccine, the severe reactions they endured starting just days after, and the complete denial the medical community has towards the groundswell of injured people looking for help.

POTUS, Fauci, Gates, and the corporate media say EVERY American needs to get the Covid-19 'vaccine'. What about the people who did and didn’t live another day or the ones fighting for their lives after having a severe reaction? Here is a painful insight into the lives of the ones left behind by this attempt to 'vaccinate' the world.”

COVID Shots Are Killing Large Numbers of People

World Renowned Conventional Doc Blasts The COVID JAB-Erwocks links to an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, Vice Chief of Internal Medicine, Baylor University Medical Center. The article says that Dr. McCullough “might be the world’s top cardiologist, who also holds an MPH degree and is a professor of medicine. His work/background is totally stunning, and seems impossible for one person. ...Even better, he’s also world famous. Meaning…he has the exceptional intelligence to analyze and dissect the COVID VAX atrocity. The measured way in which he delivers this bombshell is also remarkable.”

Dr. McCullough discusses the blood clots for which the J&J product was halted and points out that the blood clots caused by the mRNA vaccine are “probably 30 times that” -- but it has not been halted. Dr. McCullouogh says “…keep in mind that the NIH is a co-owner of the Moderna patent.”

The article points out:

“One horrific injustice noted is that people are not being fully informed of the vaccine risks, nor of the volume of serious reactions. Official propaganda says “Safe”. McCullough indicts every member of the criminal cartel running this scam, from NIH to the WHO to the Gates Foundation. That spectrum includes the individual most of us know as a criminal from the outset – Anthony Fauci. Not that the clotting issue takes anything away from the part about being WAY past the death point where any drug would normally be pulled.”

Dr. McCullough explains that if a new drug causes five deaths, it gets a “Black Box Warning”. At 50 deaths, a new drug is called off the market. The 1976 SARS vaccine program was stopped after 25 deaths. However, in the US where about 77 million people have been fully vaccinated with the COVID shots, there have been 2,260 deaths reported. Yet, those may be just 1-10% of the real number because a Harvard study showed that just 1% of vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS. Most of the deaths from the COVID shots occur on day 1, 2, or 3. Some even occur at the vaccination center! Yet, now the plan is to vaccinate 12-15 year olds who have less than a zero percent risk of catching the virus!

Dr. Michael Yeadon Warns Against Vaccine Passports

Are We Being Set Up for Mass Depopulation?, an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola links to the interview with Michael Yeadon, PhD., former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer for 16 years and founder of successful pharma start-up.

The article points out:

“Yeadon has a degree in biochemistry and toxicology and a research-based Ph.D. in respiratory pharmacology. He’s spent 32 years of his career working for large pharmaceutical companies, and 10 years in the biotechnology sector.”

Dr. Yeadon says: “I'm in favor of all modes of new medical treatments, whether they're biologicals or vaccines, small molecules, creams, sprays, ointments, whatever, but I'm fervently against unsafe medicines or medicines used in an inappropriate context. Some of the things I'm going to say are not favorable to the current crop of gene-based vaccines and it's [because] they're being inappropriately used. I don't think they have a sufficient safety profile to be used as a sort of wide-spectrum public health prophylactic.” In the interview, which is part of the documentary “Planet Lockdown,”1 Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a life science researcher and former vice-president and chief scientist of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer, shares his views on the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In his interview in the documentary, Dr. Yeadon explodes the dangerous myth of the “asymptomatic carrier” that has been used to justify the lockdown, social distancing, masks, testing, and contact tracing. Dr. Yeadon explains that understanding the truth about COVID-19 and the destructive, unscientific, unprecedented, failed “health” policies is urgent now and critical to the survival of humanity.

Dr. Yeadon discusses the fallacy of virus “variants” and warns about the dangers of “top-up vaccines” or “booster shots”. He concludes that there are no benign purposes of these unprecedented policies which he believes are designed to cause kill billions of people -- a global genocide. Dr. Yeadon points out that the lies have succeeded through the promotion of fear and censorship. He explains why the “vaccine passports” are especially destructive to our civil liberties. He says there will be no way to recover our freedoms if the vaccine passports are implemented. He warns that the next few weeks are the last chance to restore our freedoms and protect our lives.

Are “Variants” Used To Continue COVID Lockdowns?

In the video ‘Harms’ – The Trojan Horse To Full Blown Fascism – David Icke Dot-Connector, British author David Icke says the British government is saying that unless stringent action is taken now, the UK could become like India where people are said to be dying of a “variant” of COVID-19. That's despite the fact that Michael Yeadon says the body's immune system can handle any variant for at least 30 years. So, are the "variants" a way to continue to terrorize the world into endless lockdowns and COVID booster shots?

Hundreds of bodies found buried along Indian riverbanks

Are We At A Tipping Point Now?

Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference is by Malcom Gladwell who says it takes just 10% of the people to shift the narrative and the consciousness of the group. So, everyone who gets informed, stands up, and speaks out now makes a difference. Everything you think, say, and do can help shape the future of America and humanity now.

Icke says we are standing at a Fork in Road between democracy and global fascism. We can determine our fate if enough people wake up soon enough. Just sharing this article with 10 friends and asking them to share it with 10 others can help more Americans join the growing global movement to reassert truth, health, and freedom!

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