Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #5 | Kalya Scintilla - Open Ancient Eyes

A deep journey into the mysteries of the cosmos and the ancient depths of the human spirit - a shamanic blend of nature sounds, human instruments, foreign tongues, archaic grooves, warm synths and mindmanifesting affirmations of the heart. We experience enormous dynamic range with an insane amount of detail in the upper frequencies and a satisfying weaving into one coherent auditory structure that literally awakens our inner world.

This timeless downtempo #psybient album captivated me from the very moment I first heard it.

The album flows like a steady river full of impressions about the actuality of life and the spirit that dwells inside us all. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail make the album an unforgettable experience and should take you away effortlessly in all states of mind.

That said, if you love the THC space or decide to go on a mushroom journey, I can highly recommend putting on Kalya Scintilla for some deep and rewarding explorations into the depths of our being in a most empathic manner that will bring you back safely after some marvellous discoveries.


Open Ancient Eyes

Infant of infinity


Rise anew

A golden dawn rises with you

The time is now


Transform the breath

Let yourself feel

the eternal rhythm

The rhythm of the cosmos

The rhythm inside your heart

You are the cosmic quartz

Vibrating lifeforce

Living light


Carved from the stars


are the living prophecy


Breathe deep

in the center of your heart


There you will find the truth

Awaiting you

In the silence

you will find the key

to remember who you are

And open ancient eyes

The album is available as digital download via as well as in CD and vinyl format. Kalya Scintilla has released many albums to date but none of them have ever moved me as much as this epic and gentle voyage of self-discovery and cosmic warmth.

Enjoy <3


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