Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #19 | Liquid Bloom - Heart of the Shamans

Liquid Bloom is a buttersoft ambient-melt of didgeridoos, mouth harps, hand drums, shamanic phrases and incantations as well as ancient human instruments that still reach far into our inner depths, down into what some have referred to as "the soul".

Liquid bloom has been one of the few recommendations this summer by a good friend from Argentina and the music adds nicely to my ambient repertoire for its uncomplicatedness, its degree of warmth and its capacity to ground my inner world when everything seems to be in turmoil. It literally makes me cry listening to the depth of the record.

This album is surely useful for both periods of study and focus, as well as for phases of relaxation and a need to calm the mind of its ceaseless chatter. In other words: healing traumatic wounds of the ego and finding back to our inner core.

Though I am usually not very fond of large vocal segments I have to say Liquid Bloom manages to walk the line perfectly and I welcome it hugely to finally be able to say that. It literally overwhelms me when I put it on, it touches an aspect in me I had all but forgotten, and my emotional reaction to it shows as clear as day! Whatever I do, wherever life takes me: THIS PATH IS CALLING ME. Loud and clear. Whatever this path is. My mind doesn't know but I feel it like a strong pull.

Without promising too much - the album delivers precisely what it claims. Pure medicine.

If you wish to listen to the full album you can use this link which will bring you to the youtube playlist, unfortunately complete playlists are not embeddable on Steemit.

If you want to enjoy the music in high quality and support Liquid Bloom directly you may do so via their bandcamp website.

Since I seemed to have hit a major rough and transformative patch in my life that I find challenging (to say the least), I share this music with you in the hopes that it can help lift you up as powerfully as it has done for me recently, in case you find yourself confronted with challenge and tribulations in your own life at this time.

Belen: I will forever be grateful to you for bringing Liquid Bloom into my life, thank you <3 <3
It's a language of the heart all of us are fluent in - but rarely ever make use of.

Please... enjoy, my friends <3


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