The Daily Meme #221!


If you look in your wallet you may find that you can make a sizable return on clicking the few clicks it takes to get-r-done.

You, of course, have to decide for you, but I was in yesterday with all the hive I had liquid.
I don't know how much to expect in return, my math skills aren't that adept, but I figure it will be enough to add to the next time hbd goes below a dollar, or above one.

The devs have given us another aspect to the game.
Advanced users will have to catch up, and tell the newbs.
The more volume involved in these endeavors, the better we look to the big fish.
Any one of which could throw down our market cap as chump change, but won't, because that isn't how crapitalism is played.


We are having a membership drive in these discords, tell your friends.
If you want a voice in the consensus join them, and be one.

Your meme outpost hq.

Exercise your duty to mitigate abuse.

Appeal blacklist flags here.

Get your flag reviewed for redemption.

Proof of Brain:
You know, what they sold us on to get us here.

The Terminal:
Newb friendly chat.

Well informed newb friendly chat.

Hive Official:
Central focal point of much of the hive.
Building the holodeck in 3d VR.

The Pulse:
Alternatives to the groupthinc.

Klye's server:
When your day just doesn't have enough Klye in it.

These are public rooms managed by private people for the benefit of everybody using this blockchain.
What they do is voluntary, but openly public.
Don't abuse their willingness to work for the collective for what little we give them, eh?
Without them, none of this exists.

When you go through these rooms catching up on 'the community', be sure to look for the detective, and add your detective, too!


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