HBD Stabilizer temporarily disabled due to possible blockchain bug

A potential bug was reported by onthewayout

The HBD balance with the DHF/DAO (@hive.fund) is not supposed to count toward outstanding supply for purposes of the haircut calculation, but apparently this may not be implemented properly. If this checks out, HBD will not be properly pegged at 1 USD until the HIVE price recovers or the HBD supply shrinks.

Because the actions of the stabilizer involving underpriced HBD would result in a loss to the DHF (and Hive stakeholders) without the peg in pace, I have disabled these functions. The stabilizer will still sell HBD if the price is above 1 USD, but in all other cases it will simply return the HBD or HIVE to @hive.fund.

Once the issue is fully diagnosed I will decide what if any further adjustments to make. If market conditions adjust back out of the haircut zone, I will reenable the disabled stabilizer functions.

100% beneficiary to @hbdstabilizer

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