HBD stabilizer continuation and increased funding

This proposal adds an additional 3200 HBD/hour of funding to the HBD stabilizer. The HBD stabilizer is described in several past posts in my blog.

Previously there were 100, 200, 300, 400, 800 and 1600 per hour proposals. The 100 and 200 per hour proposals were allowed to expire, since they seemed pointless at the current available budget level of over 2000 per hour, leaving the 400, 800, and 1600 proposals. The 400 proposal expires soon, and the current budget is just under 2400 per hour, so the remaining 800 and 1600 proposals are likely to soon become insufficient.

The new funding cap will be 5600 per hour, more than enough for the likely available budget in upcoming months, and possibly still enough even when the 800 and/or 1600 proposals expire (this can be reevaluated when it happens).

This proposal will allow the HBD stabilizer to continue its work, and to expand available budget for stabilization as the daily DHF budget continues to grow. In practice stakeholders have tended to use these stabilizer proposals as a substitute "return" proposal which uses the excess budget left over after other proposals are funded to stabilize the HBD market and channel excess demand for HBD, with the proceeds then returned to DHF rather than the immediate automatic "return" proposal, which does nothing else. In some cases stakeholders may also view the stabilizer funding as better use than some of the other less-compelling proposals.

A recent estimate from @dalz was that the HBD stabilizer had generated a profit of approximately $1.5 million, adding funding for the DHF, helping to stabilize HBD, and, on net, removing many millions of HIVE from circulation.

For all of the previous proposals, I have paid the fees myself, and have accepted no compensation for maintaining the bot implement or deployment. In this case I will continue to maintain the bot and deployment with no compensation, but will be submitting another proposal to request reimbursement for the proposal fee.

Proposal number is 191
Fee reimbursement proposal number is 192

Hivesigner link to approve
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Hivesigner link to approve reimbursement
Peakd proposal link for reimbursement
Ecency proposal link for reimbursement

100% beneficiary to @hbdstabilizer

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