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The rewards for this post are set to 100% beneficiary going to the @hbdstabilizer account.

Benefits of @hbdstabilizer

  • The @hbdstabilizer account buys HIVE on the open market with HBD when HBD is above $1.00 USD.
  • This puts sell pressure on HBD (when HBD is above $1.00), which helps stabilize the price of HBD.
  • This puts buy pressure on HIVE, which helps the price of HIVE go up.


  • How much of a difference is the @hbdstabilizer making?
    • With the current proposal amounts from the DAO and HDB estimated at $1.50, the @hbdstabilizer account has been buying around $10,000/day worth of HIVE by selling around $10,000/day worth of HBD.
    • When HBD is above $1.00, the @hbdstabilizer is actually returning a profit back to the DAO on top of returning 100% of the funds that are paid to it from the DAO. In an example scenario where HBD is trading at $1.50, @hbdstabilizer would be sending approximately $3600 profit per day back into the DAO fund.
  • How often will these posts be created?
    • For now the plan is to create one a day.
  • Why can't this be funded entirely from the DAO?
    • The existing proposals have maxed out the amount that can be received from the DAO without taking away funds from other proposals. The funds from these daily posts will add to the funds that are provided by the DAO proposals.
  • What happens to the HP that is sent to the the @hbdstabilizer account?
    • It is powered down and sent to the DAO.
  • Will the amount generated by these posts even make a difference?
    • Every amount added to the @hbdstabilizer fund will generate additional buy pressure for HIVE and sell pressure for HBD (when the price of HBD is > $1.00).
  • Aren't these posts taking rewards away from content creators?
    • The rewards pool is a community governed fund, and it is up to stakeholders to collectively decide how to allocate those funds by voting on the posts that they feel add the most value to the platform. If the stakeholders choose to vote for funding @hbdstabilizer with some of the rewards pool, it is entirely within their right to do so.
  • Why do we need to see these posts on trending?
    • The @hbdstabilizer fund is adding value to the Hive platform. Existing and potentially new stakeholders who are interested in the platform may find value in seeing it there.

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