Night market on Koh Larn Thailand🏝️

After I was tired of playing in the water and sunbathing all day at Koh Larn before taking the boat back to my accommodation in Pattaya City, I stopped by to find the freshest seafood on the island at the community market of Koh Larn. Here sells a wide variety of food to choose from. Fresh seafood, both very cheap because the local people are fishermen, which the price is cheaper than the general market. Both Thais and foreigners stop by to buy the home and can also cook. Fresh right here, there will be a seat to eat. This is a community flea market here that is not very large in size and has been open for a long time.



This is a community flea market here that is not very large in size and has been open for a long time. Vendors will prepare to open the shop from 16:00 pm and it closes between 20:00-21:00 PM. Tourists who come to visit here like to buy food here and take it home because it's relatively cheap and fresh. and there are many The evening atmosphere here is very calm and beside the market, there will be accommodation by the sea. It is a local house atmosphere to see the lifestyle of the local people here, which is perfect for relaxing.






I come to Koh Larn almost every day because I can take a boat back and forth to my accommodation. I fell in love with this place, the water is clear and quiet and the staff is very cheap, I spent the day with not much money but the atmosphere is very expensive.



I'll bar know every nook and cranny here. I am a frequent customer here in renting a motorcycle I got a discount, the people here are very nice to me. During this time, there will be quite a lot of tourists who come to visit here, but if it's a weekend, the accommodation is almost full. There are quite a lot of tourists, causing the economy here to come back to bustling after having trouble with the situation of covid 19 for a long time.




Thank you hope you like my post🙏🙏🙏

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