Vernazza, the most beautiful of the five villages of the Cinque Terre

Hey guys,

after a long break I'm back here again;) In the meantime, a lot has happened to me - work, university, and and and. But especially I was on vacation in a place that I would like to introduce to you today: Vernazza in Italy. Maybe one or the other already knows the small fishing village, it is especially known for its colorful houses.
To be honest, I thought that the houses would be more colorful. The paint on the house facades is already quite peeled off. Compared to edited Instagram pictures, you can already see a big difference, but especially in the setting sun in the evening, the warm house walls still shine in the most diverse colors.
The lower picture was shot at sunset, I particularly like the warm colors. What do you say?


Narrow, sweet alleys and houses built into the rock

Vernazza is located in the Liguria and it can be generally described as very idyllic. Only 1,000 people live here. The village is located on the Italian Riviera. It is a quiet resort. What I generally liked very much about Vernazza was that here you get a more authentic (yes, even if the five villages are all very touristy, the flair is still there) impression of the real Italy than in Florence, for example.

In Vernazza we chose a very central Airbnb accommodation. Our host picked us up at the pharmacy, which is just a minute walk from the train station (in general Vernazza is very small, anyway you buy the "main mile" about two minutes up to the platform or down to the sea). From the pharmacy we turned into a side street and climbed through very sweet, cute alleys to our apartment. It was a bit further up the street. The houses are very close to each other here, if you open the window and stretch out your arm, you are almost at the neighbor in the door haha. What I found very nice about the alleys, was that you could see very well that the houses were built into the rocks. It looked playful but also rustic.




Vernazza, the most beautiful of the five villages of the Cinque Terre

Vernazza is also called by many the most beautiful of the villages of the Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And since we (I was there with a friend) have visited all five, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, I think I can say with a clear conscience that this is true. Vernazza had, in my opinion, the most beautiful structure from the layout of the village, a very small beach in a bay directly surrounded by the central "PLatz", where there were many restaurants. In addition, not only Manarola has great cliffs, you can also find cliffs on the left side when you walk along the path past the beach.
So that you can also get a better picture, I will introduce you in the next time also the other villages, maybe you have another favorite ;)
Also the other villages have like Vernazza colorful houses, especially Manarola I found was Vernazza there very similar.







Outdoor things to do in Vernazza

Vernazza has a lot more to offer: There are many hiking trails here, which means especially for the hiking enthusiasts among you, this village would be perfect. Vernazza is also located directly in the center of the Cinque Terre and is the perfect starting point for hikers. From here you can reach all the hiking trails that lead along the sea. In addition, Vernazza is very famous for its national park, here you can get to know the flora and fauna better. I can not tell you much more about the trails and the national park, because in the short time I was in Vernazza (about two days we spent in the village and rather tried the Italian cuisine and marveled at the alleys and enjoyed the beach and the sea) was not hiking. However, I am absolutely sure that it was not the last time I was in Vernazza, and next time I will certainly hike and admire the National Park by the sea.

If you want to hike there, I can highly recommend the Cinque Terre Card. It includes all hiking trails (yes, you have to pay for hiking, a shortcoming of Vernazza is that here everything is actually quite expensive and there is no big supermarket but very expensive small stores) and unlimited train ride.





A historic gothic church

What is definitely worth a visit in Vernazza is the parish church of Santa Margherita d'Antiochia, dedicated to the patron saint of the municipality.
The parish church was built in 1318 in Gothic-Ligurian style by the Antelami Masters Vernazza.
The church stands on a rock facing the sea. I think it makes the picture of the harbor promenade with the colorful houses perfect, I especially liked its Gothic style. It is the white church that you can see in the pictures.
The special thing about the church is its 40 meter high bell tower and the pointed dome. The church has three aisles.
And that is why the church got its name: On the beach a box was found with the bones of St. Margret's fingers. However, the residents of Vernazza wanted to build the church in the Isolotto district. There the relatively young church was destroyed by a storm. The relic was lost. When it reappeared in the same place, a new church was built in the current place.

Also beautiful to see is the Doria Castle. The castle is situated on a rocky promontory. From here you have a great view of the sea. The special thing about it is that it has an irregular cylindrical tower and is built on a square foundation. From Vernazza it is probably also easy to walk to Corniglia. At the beginning of the path to Corniglia there is a tower. Since it looks relatively similar to the castle, I think that it may date from the same period as the castle.

What do you think of Vernazza and its sights? Please leave me a comment and your feedback. Until next time!

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