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Hashking 2.0 - Incoming 2021
I wasn't paying much attention to the development of this game. Only managed to drag my 'lazy' bump recently. Tried to catch up after dipping my feet a little with a bundle purchase.

As I dug more, this game has had quite a history. First version was born pre-hard fork and allegedly had malformed cousin on Ethereum. @qwoyn may share the abandoned contract address.

This time round, there is a pre-existing group of former players who knows the basics and may gain a upper hand over the noobs like myself. Therefore, I spent the day reading up and trying my best to understand the fundamentals of HashKings 2.0 from the following posts and posts beyond.

Below is a diagram illustrating of my understanding roughly derived from State of Hashkings part 1 - Basic Gameplay Scenario. It may be inaccurate and corrections may happen after this post.

Icons and logos belong to their respective creators. Used here for illustration purpose only.

Some helpful links.

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