Understanding The Assets Flow of Hashkings

An economy is born when property rights exist, and the blockchain has allowed games like Hashkings to offer experiences in which players are masters and lords of their destinies! Allowing players to be the holders and owners of their NFTs and Tokens also opens the opportunity for P2E (Play to earn).


Hashkings is not just any other farming game, it has complex mechanics that have allowed it to grow and offer players a stable game. Today I am going to show you the flow of interaction between NFTs and Tokens, emphasizing our main token BUDS, which is at the heart of the entire economy.


Hashkings has a hyper tokenized gameplay which means users can interact with the game in many ways, in this case, we will describe each NFT and Token and how they interact with each other. BTW! We left you an image in each description so you can get an idea of what we are talking about.

All our NFTs and tokens can be found in NFTMART, hive-engine and our official store. And you can find all the information about hashkings in our Official Gitbook.

  • FARMING: Game mode in which through various NTFs and Tokens the main objective is to create BUDS, the main token of the entire ecosystem.

  • LAND PLOTS: Very rare NTFs, which is special in that they are the only NFTs capable of creating BUDS. Not even the team can mint new BUDS, the players have all the power over the issuance of new tokens since it depends on their activity. More land plots used, more BUDS created.

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  • SEEDS: NFTs that are created and burned continuously, along with the LAND PLOTS and the HKWATER are necessary to be able to produce BUDS. They can only be obtained by staking MOTA. (Each land plot belongs to one of the 6 regions of the farming game, likewise, the seeds can only be planted in their respective land plots)


  • WATER TOWERS: NFTs that are capable of creating a certain amount of HKWATER daily, depending on their level. To level up a water tower it is necessary that your main AVATAR has a certain amount of XP that is obtained by consuming JOINTS.

  • HKWATER: Token that can only be created by water towers, they are used together with seeds and land plots to create BUDS.

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  • MOTA: Token that by being staked allows you to receive every Sunday a certain amount of seeds from your favorite region, every day a MOTA number is created and distributed among all those who (deposit) BUDS in a specialized pool. In addition, all the BUDS that are deposited in this pool will go to fill the pool with rewards from RAIDS (another Hashkings game mode)


  • JOINTS: NFTs that can be bought using various currencies and whose net sales are used to buy and burn BUDS from the market. These NFTs represented by JOINTS allow the player to increase the amount of XP and the level of their avatars when using them.

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  • AVATARS: NFTs that allow you access to the farming game and RAIDS, in addition to being able to be leveled up, offer benefits such as being able to improve your water towers and being able to craft JOINTS of greater benefit. Can be bought in packs that we sell officially or bought individually in the second market. In the case of RAIDS, avatars with different rarities can be staked to get BUDS, to increase the number of BUDS you receive you can level up your avatar and use it in the FORGE.


Avatars with the zombie-themed won't be longer available after the end of December, a new set will come after with lower base stats.

  • RAIDS: Game mode in which players can defeat bosses by staking their avatars with which they can receive BUDS as rewards based on their stats. The main stats are POWER that can only be increased with FORGE and XP that can only be increased by consuming JOINTS.

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  • FORGE: Feature in which by paying a small fee you can fuse the power of 2 avatars to improve the stats of one of them, allowing you to be more competitive in RAIDS.


  • Special Seeds: NFTs that could only be obtained by burning BUDS and will be used in a near future in a new game mode.

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  • U.R.F.A: New upcoming game mode in which players will have as a mission to craft robots that will perform assistance tasks for the farmers, in addition to providing perks to their harvest.

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  • FRAGMENTS: NFTs that make up the essential parts of the robots to be built, a certain amount will be distributed daily in a pool among all the players who burn BUDS. You also need a factory to build a robot. In addition, each fragment has different rarities, which allows you to build different robots with different strengths.


  • FACTORIES: NFTs that allow, if you have the necessary fragments, to build robot NFTs that help farmers. Like the fragments, they can be obtained in a daily pool and they come in different rarities allowing you to create robots more or less quickly depending on it.

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  • U.R.F.As(ROBOTS): NFTs that carry out the tasks of planting, watering and harvesting automatically for a certain time depending on their rarity. In addition, they provide bonuses when harvesting landplots such as a higher probability of getting an extra seed, harvesting a special avatar, fragments and factories.

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The King: BUDS

BUDS are the main token of Hashkings, issued only by players and with deflationary characteristics. It can be created only by participating in the farming game, but it can also be obtained by playing RAIDS.

Its role within the ecosystem is of utmost importance since most of the new games and experiences that will be launched within Hashkings can only be accessed through the use of BUDS, especially in burn pools.

Currently, we have burned around 50% of the total supply of BUDS and this was possible thanks to the following mechanics:

  • All the value created from the JOINTS sales will be used to buy and burn BUDS.
  • BUDS will be burned daily in the FRAGMENTS and FACTORIES pool.
  • BUDS will were and will be burned with the SPECIAL SEEDS pool.
  • All pack sales where BUDS has been used as a payment method will be burned.
  • All the revenue generated by the FORGE will be used to buy and burn BUDS

This, added to the fact that each year there will be a deflation of 11.36%, makes that BUDS, despite being a token in constant creation, has properties that make it an element of great value within our ecosystem.


That said, as a player, we recommend you access our gitbook with all the detailed information about Hashkings or check our peakd profile to read the latest news.

You can interact with the ecosystem as you like! It is your choice what role you will take within our great community.

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