State of Hashkings - Part 3

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Main game screen mockup

Final Post Before Launch

This is the final post in the series of State of Hashkings meant to educate users on the basics of Hashkings. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find the other two posts as well as posts leading up to them. Our team has come a very long way and I want to give a special thanks to them, you are amazing! As you can see in the sketch above we are getting very close to having something tangible that users can finally interact with. The idea, as portrayed above, is to have a map that is zoomable and clickable. When users zoom in to the map they will be presented with region details and all of our menus will be modal popups. This means everything needed to play the game will be in one convenient place.

Since our last post we have made a few upgrades to the backend api and smart contract that controls our NFTs and fungible tokens. We now have 141 users and I'm excited to announce that our game is now mostly tokenized. The water towers, plots of land, seed strains, booster, BUDS, MOTA and HKWATER are all HIVE tokens. This means that the data we store and use to update our database is completely blockchain centric. That's not all, our database is backed up on IPFS which makes our games infrastructure more than 50% percent distributed. That being said, let's move on to the details of these last game mechanics.

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Land Plots (Regions)

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Within our land plots is where all of the magic happens, these limited NFTs are broken into 6 different regions Asia, Africa, Afghanistan, Jamaica, Mexico and South America. We decided on these regions for specific reasons, mainly because as far as we know, the original Cannabis landraces originate in there.

The regions are limited in number ranked from rare to common. Asia, which is already sold out along with Jamaica are the rarest of our plot types followed by Africa and the others mentioned above. Below is a chart of what is still available in our presale.

Region BundleAvailabilityPrice
AsiaSOLD OUT$29.99
JamaicaSOLD OUT$19.99
South America1064$4.99

At this point 33% of our Regions are sold out and we are selling Africa plots everyday. If you want a chance to get a plot in Africa, our 3rd highest producing region I highly recommend heading over to Hashkings and getting one now.

As mentioned, our regions have different production ratios which will be explained in more detail in the next sections and have specific seeds attributed to them.

Landrace Strains

These one of a kind landrace strain aka heirloom strains are unique NFTs specific to the region in which they are originally found. Hashkings offers 16 different strains only available through the staking actions of our seed producers. Keep in mind that our economy is completely user based and that Hashkings will not sell seeds of our own except on very rare occasions.

It's up to users, which we refer to as seed producers, to stake MOTA and obtain seeds of a random strain type. When we said that our economy is decentralized we truly meant it! Everyday a certain amount of seeds will be produced and those lucky enough to either acquire MOTA on the exchange or through growing buds and staking it will have the opportunity to receive them.


Seeds come in 16 varieties varying in the amount of BUDS they produce. Each seed is tied directly to the plot in which it originates. This means that if you own a plot in Africa you may be lucky enough to earn one of the Swazi Gold, Kilimanjaro, Durban Poison or Malawi seeds. This same principle is applied to each of the other 5 regions but how do they work?

As mentioned, our seeds are NFTs which means they can also be purchased or sold via the marketplace. Once acquired through one of the various methods, users will be able to plant them on the corresponding plot. Users simply access the region via the frontend, choose the seeds and click plant. Once the sprouting time has been met and the correct amount of water has been applied the seed can be harvested for BUDS. See the chart below for production rates, sprouting time and water requirements.


*These numbers may change upon launch

SeedSprouting TimeWater ConsumptionBud Production Range
Aceh1 Day235 Gallons7550 - 8000 Grams
Thai2 Days235 Gallons7250 - 7800 Grams
Chocolate Thai2 Days230 Gallons7000 - 7300 Grams
Lambs Bread2 Days215 Gallons6000 - 7000 Grams
Kings Bread3 Days205 Gallons5500 - 6500 Grams
Swazi Gold3 Days168 Gallons4600 – 4900 Grams
Kilimanjaro3 Days137 Gallons3500 - 3900 Grams
Durban Poison4 Days104 Gallons2575 - 2925 Grams
Malawi4 Days93 Gallons2175 - 2525 Grams
Hindu Kush4 Days82 Gallons1825 - 2175 Grams
Afghani Kush5 Days70 Gallons1450 – 1800 Grams
Lashkar Gah5 Days43 Gallons850 - 1100 Grams
Mazar i Sharif6 Days33 Gallons600 - 850 Grams
Acapulco Gold6 Days23 Gallons350 - 600 Grams
Colombian Gold7 Day10 Gallons50 - 350 Grams
Panama Red7 Day9 Gallons30 - 325 Grams


Water Towers


Water towers are an integral and scarce NFT in Hashkings. This is where you get your HKWATER which is used to harvest your plants once they have matured. As you may have notice the water which is produced is a fungible token which can be used in game or traded on the open market. Do you want to follow the path of water baron? You can easily do this by purchasing water towers and selling water to users! Upon harvest time users will need to use this token, which is burned when used, to water their plants. Hashkings does not require watering your plots everyday so you can passively perform this task.


hemp wrapped joint plata.png

cross joint oro.png

Twax joint plata.png

Earning XP is an important part of Hashkings! In order to reach new levels and unlock features such as acquiring higher level water plants you have to earn XP. This can be done by consuming your favorite type of joint or blunt. How ddo you acquire these consumables and use them? Simply craft them by using the fungible BUDS tokens acquired either in the market or by harvesting.

With the skills above and the skills learned in our previous posts of this series you should be well on your way to becoming Hashking at launch. Make sure to get yourself one of our bundles during the presale at a discounted price and remember to check out the Shaggi's Lore contest for a chance to earn a free Hashkings bundle


Thank you so much for reading and supporting Hashkings 2.0. Catch you next time!

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