Specials Seeds Coming To Hashkings


Very soon you will be able to obtain special seeds by burning BUDS! For various reasons we had to change the initial plans we had for these seeds but still, we kept the essence that makes them valuable within the ecosystem.

Blue Dream.png


Gorilla Glue.png

Purple Haze.png

Snoops Dream.png

Critical Kush.png

¿Why are they special?

First, these seeds are directly influenced aesthetically by the cyberpunk theme of raids, they can be planted in any land although it is not their main objective and it is that with them you will be able to craft unique avatars in an upcoming update.

We decided they would have this feature to make it more of a collectible than a regular seed. They also have different rarities and although they can be planted, their statistics do not favor it.

Drop rate:

  • Blue Dream - 1.38%
  • Bubblegum - 3.99%
  • Critical Kush - 9.82%
  • Shaggi's Dream - 17.06%
  • Purple Haze - 25.06%
  • Snoops Dream - 42.56%

All these seeds share the same farm stats:

Hkwater required: 504
Sprouting time: 1 day
Buds: 270

You will be able to craft different rarities of avatars with these seeds depending on which you have, obviously for example Blue Dream will be used to craft a unique legendary avatar.

¿How to get them?

First, you should join our discord! Once we announce and push the update, you will see a pool similar to the actual MOTA pool in which you will be able to burn buds to get a share of the 30000 SS (Special Seeds) that will be available in this event.

The big difference from the MOTA pool is that the drop is made once a week, so we will drop 3750 seeds per 8 weeks and after each drop the BUDS burned record is reset, so this means your BUDS deposited on monday (for example) will only count for the first drop.

We use the same mechanism, if player A deposits 50 BUDS and player B 50 BUDS, both will get 50% of the seeds pool.

You should be following us on:

And of course on HIVE ;)

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