Let's Curate! - New Curation Program in HK


Hey Guys! In our well-known path of building an ecosystem in which players are our first priority even if that puts the team under some pressure, is a pleasure to announce that we will start very soon (around 1-3 days) a new curation program incentivized by the HK treasury and that will work in the following way:

The BUDS rewards are not activated yet, we will do an announcement on our discord server.

  • Any user from now! can delegate any amount from 0.01 HP to the account @hk-curation.
  • The HP delegated will be used mainly to curate content related to Hashkings posted with our tag #hashkings and also oneup posts, in our way to support our blockchain gaming content creators.
  • 10% of the BUDS treasury aka @hk-buds will be constantly sent to @hk-curation, which are basically our non-inflationary way to set up rewards across all the ecosystem.
  • 2% of the BUDS in the @hk-curation (previously sent by the treasury) will be distributed daily to all the delegators based on a snapshot of the vests (HP delegated to the account) made once a day
  • ALL the curation rewards earned by the curation account will be constantly sent to the BUDS staking feature, which buys BUDS from the market daily.

This is another window to interact with the HK ecosystem, which as you see is interconnected with all the other features and has a good repercussion in each of the HK players and actors in this free economy.

Also with our treasury system, we are not minting new tokens (which would be centralized inflation and basically stealing purchasing value from the players) but in fact, adding a new source of rewards for the staking system which directs all the value created in the ecosystem to the BUDS, and in the same way, BUDS directs all the value to the different features in HK.

In fact, you can think of it like leveraged curation rewards if you instead of selling the BUDS you get by delegating, you stake them. Why? because all the curation rewards will end up going to the staking rewards pool so if you do it well you will have your normal curation rewards + BUDS.

Enjoy the BEST delegation program in HIVE

Of course, the are many factors in staking like how many BUDS are staked, how many HIVE is going into thanks to other features, etc

Fast Delegation links

You can do it manually from your wallet, but these links are generic amounts of HP that can save you time.

¿How to support HK development?


Considering the last downtrends of the market, this has affected us in our development funding, so we really appreciate every kind of help you can give us by supporting our work.

If you like how we are developing the Hashkings metaverse/ecosystem there are plenty ways in which you can give us a hand:

  • Leave us a supporting message in our discord <3
  • Upvote and share our posts
  • Writing posts about Hashkings (we love organic growing)
  • Upgrading water towers
  • Buying avatar packs
  • Voting for our HIVE witness @hashkings

And of course in HIVE

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