Hybrids are active!


Ever wanted to make your own cannabis strain? Every wanted to do it in Hashkings? Well, the day has finally come and you can now create your own hybrids in game!

What does this mean?

In real life breeders combine different strains in order to make the cannabis we see today. Have you ever wondered how cannabis farmers come up with those crazy names? Sometimes they are just stoned and think of something clever but many times they mix the names of the strains used to create the new hybrid.

For example, Banana Kush is a hybrid of OG Kush and the Banana strain of cannabis. This strain has the best of both worlds with a nice overripe banana smell full of pine needles.

Since we use the original Landraces in Hashkings you could actually be the first to create this strain on the blockchain by creating and combining all of the different hybrids needed to make this strain. Seedfinder.eu has a great list of cannabis lineages which can help you on your journey to recreating the worlds favorite hybrids. Simply type in your favorite strain into the website search bar and it will tell you what it is composed of.


How does this work in Hashkings?

As many of you know, in Hashkings you purchase pollen/seeds and water every day until flower. If you have a female plant then you have a chance to hybridise your plant. What you will need to do is choose a strain other than the one you planted and pollinate with that strain. Hashkings then combines the 2 strains and at harvest you will receive a brand new hybrid. Currently, you do not have the ability to name your strains but this will be included in future updates.

For example:

The user Qwoyn plants lambs bread and after a couple of weeks of watering finds that he has a female. Once the lambs bread starts flowering, qwoyn gets himself some afghani pollen and pollinates the lambs bread. At harvest @qwoyn receives 2 seeds of this new hybrid with the designation lambs bread x afghani.

Success! Qwoyn now has his first hybrid.

Buds and pollen can also be hybrids. Lets say qwoyn now plants one of these lambs bread x afghani seeds but it turns out that it's a male. At harvest he will receive lambs bread x afghani pollen!

I really hope you enjoyed reading and were able to gain some insight in to Hashkings.

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