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Making things easier to understand

I know that when you first login in to Hashkings it can be very hard to know what is actually going on. To alleviate this there is a tutorial which is now featured on the Home page. Underneath the words, "New to Hashkings?" simply click "visit the tutorial" and you will be transported to a step by step tutorial which includes, delegating to obtain a plot lease, purchasing seeds and planting those seeds along with watering.

Help us promote?

I've gotten Hashkings this far but I really want to take it to the next level! I mentioned that I will be powering up 50 percent of all the sales now to increase the weight of our curation trail for our users but I really want to make things more exciting for users! I've been looking at launching on @dlux-io and allow users to play in VR using that platform but I really want to start using Unity too. I also want to increase the number of users we have but how?!

I'm super busy these days and haven't had the time to start learning Unity and I am terrible at creating graphics. Does someone want to help with this? Are you good with Unity? I've found a couple of templates that I would be willing to purchase to help speed this process up, I just need someone who has experience using Unity. If you or someone you know wants to get down on taking Hashkings to the next level please send them my way!

Also, how do we increase user count? I understand that Hashkings is pretty simple but I think it is a very rewarding experience. Will you help promote it?

This is all I have for this time around. Please help a fellow community member! Talk soon!!!

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