Hashkings hires dev team

Next level

I was approached the other by someone with an offer I couldn't refuse and have consequently made a deal that will take Hashkings to the next level! After working on this game for 2 years I am so excited to announce this. Hard work definitely pays off!

As a professor of mine in college always said, "Study hard, do good and never give up!". I've taken these words to heart and have modified them slightly outside of my college years to "Work hard, do good and never give up!".

Let's do it!

Ch ch ch changes and airdrop

Without giving away too much before we finalize our lightpaper I do want to mention one thing of high importance. As of about an hour ago, we have discontinued plot delegation and it is no longer possible to acquire plots to play the game! During our new development phase it is still possible to play the game, if you already have plots, and all other game functions are still available including purchasing seeds/pollen, watering, harvest, pollination and hybrids(our latest feature).

I want to thank each and every one of the users that have stuck with Hashkings during its growth, you are going to benefit from the airdrop! The way that plots will work in the future is the same as seeds and pollen. In order to plant seeds you will need to acquire a plot via purchase and not delegation. The plots will come in the form of NFTs and this is where the airdrop comes in.

I have just taken a snapshot of our database and if you have a current delegation for plots then you will receive an airdrop of NFTs in exchange for your delegation. However, the game still needs you to continue to delegate in order to keep playing so please do not undelegate because it might screw things up. I have taken a snapshot but please make sure you keep your delegation because Hashkings will remove your plots, you will lose the ability to continue growing and you won't be able to get them back until the upgrade has been completed.

The following users will benefit from the airdrop:

1 @mulletwang
2 @abrockman
3 @saboin
4 @anarcist69
5 @molovelly
6 @simgirl
7 @guiltyparties
8 @prettynicevideo
9 @meowgan
10 @enginewitty
11 @christoryan
12 @choosefreedom
13 @bauloewe
14 @egamers
15 @news-today
16 @heremonium
17 @rachaeldwatson
18 @myanmarbook
19 @jbsharkey
20 @schlees
21 @altonos
22 @bibdieufr
23 @gamewatch
24 @mickvir
25 @buckydurddle
26 @disregardfiat
27 @psyo
28 @ghosthunter1
29 @ericwilson
30 @songokubg
31 @muru
32 @vibrasphere
33 @nutritree
34 @foxon
35 @perceval

If you feel like I missed you in this list please contact me ASAP so we can make sure you are included. Thanks and congrats, early bird catches the worm!

Completion date to be determined, hang in there!


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