Hashkings Beta is LIVE on HIVE!

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We are excited to re-launch our Beta on HIVE

After some careful consideration we felt that the HIVE Blockchain is the perfect home for Hashkings! We were active on Steem until about April of this year and just don't like the way things were going over there. Please accept us in to your community here on HIVE, the number one censorship resistant social media platform using Blockchain technology.

So what is Hashkings?

On its most basic level, Hashkings is a cannabis growing manager which allows you to recreate your favorite cannabis strains. We have designed this game to give users the opportunity to follow the lineage of common cannabis strains and breed their way to modern times. We have chosen a few different landraces (strains which exist naturally in the environment and have been stable for generations) such as Malawi, the famous east African strain which allow our users to create new and existing hybrids.

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As the game evolves you will be able to take part in the various tasks pictured below. Everything from growing male plants in order to harvest pollen to creating Blunts and even smoking them with friends to gain XP points. Many of these tasks are already available and working properly however, please be patient as we update the game to current libraries on HIVE and fix any bugs that may occur.

Male Plant.png

See you on the farm!

UPDATE 11/16/2020
I'm performing a ton of updates today. Things aren't going to be working as expected and will update everyone when things are completed. Please join our Discord for most up to date information. #etherchest

UPDATE 11/16/2020
finished up everything but one thing on the bug list, please go ahead and start growing! Have fun and let me know if you have any issues!

UPDATE 11/17/2020
Some issues with the new pricing and plot delegation. will have it fixed today. Thanks for you patience

UPDATE 11/17/2020
Everything is working! Have fun and thanks for your patience today!


Official links

Hashkings WebApp

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