Hard fork 25 just happened ! What is your favorite feature ?


I am glad to report that hard fork 25 just happened, so far no hiccups have been detected by the witnesses, our witness @steempress is running smoothly and I'm in the process of updating the backup nodes that were still on hard fork 24 just in case we needed to rollback.

A ton of work has been poured into this hard fork and I am so glad to finally see it go live. It's featuring my biggest feature yet (recurrent transfers) and I hope a lot of people will build on it. I'd like to thank @blocktrades's team for their patience in reviewing my code for the various changes.

And @blocktrade's team also built a lot of new features into this hard fork, what is your favorite ?

  • hive -> hbd conversion
  • old governance vote expiration
  • changes to the curation window
  • only pay hbd interest on savings
  • recurrent transfers
  • allow shortening the end date of a proposal

(full changelog here: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive/-/tags/v1.25.0)

If I wasn't biased towards recurrent transfers, I think I'd be torn between old vote expiration and curation windows. Both are great changes that I'm sure wil have a positive impact on the way governance and voting will happen.

Now we'll focus on hf26, and hf25.1 we still have a lot of exciting features in the pipeline, for me that will be direct RC delegations :)


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