Curious Composition, Data Pad 16 - Halo: Reach | MCC Achievement Guide

Location & content of the sixteenth data pad (hidden collectible / computer pads) of Halo Reach.
The pads contain their own, self-contained story, presented as exchanges between members of a mysterious AI collective (known as the Assembly) and messages by a human individual who has discovered the clandestine activities of the group.

Data Pad: 16
Achievement: Curious Composition
Mission / Level: New Alexandria
Difficulty: Legendary only!
Location: From the start of the mission - enter the falcon; fly towards south east. The data pad is on a ledge on the first building (behind the one you start on) at an elevation of -135. 'Park' the pelican perpendicular to the building & exit - you should be standing on the ledge now.

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