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New Alexandria - Halo: Reach SLASO

Noble Six meets up with the rest of Noble Team and is informed that the Covenant are jamming all communications to Command. Noble Six mounts a Falcon and assists Kat in destroying the jammers.
One jammer is located at the New Alexandria Hospital. Another jammer is located at Club Errera in the Vyrant Telecom Tower. And the third is located in a penthouse at the Sinoviet Center.

Meanwhile Covenant Battlecruisers arrive to the city and start glassing parts of it. After the last jammer is destroyed, Kat receives orders from Colonel Urban Holland that all personnel are to be evacuated through the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Headquarters building.
The SPARTAN meets up with the rest of Noble Team at the ONI HQ. However, they receive an urgent order from Colonel Holland, informing them that they are being redeployed to Sword Base.
Further glassing cuts the signal off. As Noble Team flees to a radiation bunker, Kat takes one to the head by a Needle Rifle round fired from a Phantom overhead.

Three days later on August 26, after the Covenant forces are gone, Noble Team walks outside to be picked up by a Pelican, including Kat in Carter’s arms.

Halo: Reach - Campaign
Episode / Mission 8 - New Alexandria
The Master Chief Collection played on PC with a 360 controller.
SLASO = Singleplayer, Legendary Difficulty, All Skulls On - also known as Mythical

Iron Skull - Death resets entire mission / checkpoint if playing co-op.
Black Eye Skull - Shields only recharge from melee attacks
Tough Luck Skull - Enemies dodge slow moving projectiles & nades, never flee etc. (improved AI)
Catch Skull - Lots of nades!
Cloud Skull - No radar (part of HUD)
Famine Skull - Less ammo from picked up weapons
Thunderstorm Skull - All enemies have more life
Tilt Skull - Enemy weaknesses and strengths are increased
Mythic Skull - Doubles enemy health
Blind Skull - HUD, first person arms and weapon are hidden
Cowbell Skull - Explosions make way bigger boom
Grunt Birthday Skull - Grunts explode on HS + confetti
IWHBYD Skull - Increases rare combat dialogue

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