Long Night of Solace - Halo: Reach SLASO

A day after the events of Tip of the Spear NOBLE Team makes their way into a cave at Ütközet. While the UNSC appears to be helpless against the newly-emerged Covenant supercarrier Long Night of Solace, Kat-B320 comes up with a plan to destroy the ship by using a Slipspace drive as a makeshift bomb. NOBLE Team travels to a Sabre launch facility, currently under attack by the Covenant. Once inside, Noble Six and Jorge-052 enter a Sabre that is immediately launched into orbit, along with several other Sabres.

In orbit, they join the other UNSC forces in defending the refit station Anchor 9 until its defenses are online. Meanwhile, the Slipspace drive of the frigate Savannah is removed in order to be used in the mission, codenamed Operation: UPPER CUT. After the Sabres successfully defend the station from Covenant fighter crafts, Jorge is dropped off at Anchor 9.

Jorge then boards a Pelican transporting the Slipspace drive, joining Six, the rest of the Sabres and the Savannah as they move to Covenant-occupied space over Reach to execute the mission. The plan is to board a Covenant SDV-class heavy corvette, place it on an automated refueling course with the supercarrier, and then activate the slipspace drive in close proximity of the supercarrier, effectively tearing the ship apart. Upon locating the Covenant corvette Ardent Prayer, the Savannah & Sabres begin their assault on the ship.

After disabling its engines and eliminating its fighter escort, they board Ardent Prayer, disable its communications and make their way into the hangar. Six and the Sabre crews then make their way to the bridge of the Ardent Prayer and initiate the corvette's refueling run with the Long Night of Solace. Upon returning from the bridge, Six finds Jorge engaged in a firefight. The Covenant are neutralized, but Jorge soon realizes that the Pelican and the Slipspace drive are damaged. The drive has to be activated manually. Jorge decides to stay behind and activate the drive, sacrificing his own life but saving Noble Six by throwing him out of the corvette and down onto Reach, just before the corvette reaches its destination and the Slipspace drive is activated. The activation generates a Slipspace rupture that engulfs Jorge, the corvette, and the central section of the supercarrier and transports them into oblivion. It seems like Jorge's sacrifice saved the day...

Halo: Reach - Campaign
Episode / Mission 6 - Long Night of Solace
The Master Chief Collection played on PC with a 360 controller.
SLASO = Singleplayer, Legendary Difficulty, All Skulls On - also known as Mythical

Iron Skull - Death resets entire mission / checkpoint if playing co-op.
Black Eye Skull - Shields only recharge from melee attacks
Tough Luck Skull - Enemies dodge slow moving projectiles & nades, never flee etc. (improved AI)
Catch Skull - Lots of nades!
Cloud Skull - No radar (part of HUD)
Famine Skull - Less ammo from picked up weapons
Thunderstorm Skull - All enemies have more life
Tilt Skull - Enemy weaknesses and strengths are increased
Mythic Skull - Doubles enemy health
Blind Skull - HUD, first person arms and weapon are hidden
Cowbell Skull - Explosions make way bigger boom
Grunt Birthday Skull - Grunts explode on HS + confetti
IWHBYD Skull - Increases rare combat dialogue

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