Happy Halloween

Who Would You Be?

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen sung that famous song, "Who Would You Be?" What if a magic genie said you could be anybody? How about a Power Ranger or a Kennedy? Donald Trump, Forest Gump? That song featured Trump in the lyrics. Trump was also in Home Alone II. So, why can't it be Halloween every day? Good question, but actually, it is. Each day, you can wake up & decide who you want to be.

Halloween - Ancient Holiday

(What is Halloween?) - All Saints Day - Celtics - Day of the Dead - Demon Possession - History - Samhain (Without Sun) - Trick or Treat

1992-12 Fashion Show Rick Crystal Tiff Joey CROPPED.png

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Halloween Song

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen - Who Would You Be. These two twin sisters played Michelle Tanner on Full House. Why didn't they return for Fuller House? Is it related to Pizza Gate? Did people in Hollywood abuse them as they have to many kids? Who would they be for Halloween, or better yet, for life? Like Kanye West, they are in the fashion industry. Can we make Halloween & Careers & Freedom Great Again (MAGA)?

Back To School Wear

Pink Dress Tiffany Cumbo & Pink Dress, Long Haired, Crystal Arnold - Blue Bicycle - by the Front Porch of our house in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA - Directed by Marilyn Mitchell - September of 1992. Do you like school? Were you home schooled like we were? Halloween, like Christmas, derives from Pagan Traditions. It is pretty dark. But your future doesn't have to be cursed. There is hope over dope & joy over circumstances.

1992-09 Tiffany Cumbo & Crystal Arnold in Pink Dresses by the Front Porch at 163 in FG.png

Back To Christmas Wear

Red Sweater Tiffany Cumbo & Baseball Hat Wearing Crystal with a Hat - Fashion Show - Directed by Marilyn Mitchell - December of 1992

1992-12 Tiffany Cumbo in a Red Sweater & Crystal in a red hat & with a bat fashion show day.png

Happy Halloween

Published in October of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Bomboween Halloween Party Time

Can Bombs Trick or Treat as well? Can objects & Angry Birds dress up or just identify as transgender bombs? Can we go around screaming that there is a bomb just because people said it was a bomb, even if it is not a bomb?

bomb halloween npc america trump alex jones michael jackson joey arnold

Dream - Matt Mike Kurtz Reunion

2018-10-30 Tuesday 09:00 AM LMS

Was in a Forest Grove Like Back Road going to a farm which reminds me of other dreams. I was at Matt Kurt's house on vacation similar to real life around 2011 and 2012. I saw Mike there and was like long time no see since I was gone in Vietnam in real life or whatever it might have been in the dream. I like hugged Mike as he came in from like a backdoor which he had in his room or maybe it was Matt's Room. Maybe I let Mike borrow a video game console of mine, maybe X-Box which I never had in real life. I had an N64. Before this I was like at like a camp around Hagg Lake and walked around it and maybe people I knew were there but not sure who and we were there for like many days and I was with people in vans and we went around the lake and sometimes I was alone and then I was like at the house of Matt. Maybe Matt went to take me home after that. Not sure if other things happened or not but that is the general outline.

Dream Back To WOLBI ABC

2018-10-31 Wednesday Halloween 08:50 AM LMS

I went back to my first two colleges which I attended in real life from 2004-2007 in America. I grew up in Oregon. So, I was flying back and forth between Oregon and Like New York and/or West Virginia to visit or reattended (return to) the 2 colleges, either both or one of them. I was with the one girl that I called insecure at ABC. I wouldn't call her that now. Sorry about that but did say it. I was visiting a basketball game in a gym there. I was going to the cabins, the dorms, to see people. I was maybe with my brother. It reminds me of similar dreams in my life where I was in airports and also back in colleges and things like that. I remember thinking about how I was home and then at college and then home again and at college again and again a few times and was thinking that I was not remembering the airport part as I was going back and forth, that I would just appear home and then college and then home again. I was thinking that was unusual as I was not thinking I was in a dream.

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Child Preachers

Oprah had a child preacher on her show. That boy pastor yelled out some random words related to morality, religion, principles, life, & things like that. You know, deep stuff. He quoted Bible verse. Here is my question on all of that. Does that mean there is no truth behind what kids yell? Speaking of truth, What About Oprah? Is it impossible for reality to shine through the mouths of babes? If I yell out that your house is on fire, and it is on fire, but if I don't understand what I am saying, does that mean your house is not on fire? @Stefan.Molyneux would say, "Not An Argument," to Oprah, right?

Timeline: Halloween Archived

1980's - Cabbage Patch Kids Katie, Richie Rich Ricky
1980's - Snow White Katie, Bugs Bunny Ricky
1988 - Katie - Bozo The Clown
1990 - Feed Rex Joey, Chuck Norris Ninja Ricky
1991 - Captain American Rick, Clown Joey, Raccoon Crystal
1992 - Super Kids Crystal, Joey
1993 - Astronaut Joey, Detective Rick, Fairy Crystal, Gypsy Katie
2016 - Princess Crystal, Bunny Katie
2018-10-31 Wednesday 10:19 AM LMS | Happy Halloween
Published at 02:13 PM Wednesday

Fashion Show 1992

Mom was the director. She picked out the costumes - December '92

1992-12 Fashion Show Rick Crystal Tiff Joey.png

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Halloween 1980's

Richie Rich Ricky & Cabbage Katie Patch Kids

halloween richie rick ricky joey arnoldrichy rich

Halloween 1980's

Snow Katie White & Ricky Bugs Bunny

snow white katie jean arnold rick ricky arnold bugs bunny halloween 80 80's 1980's america oregon joey oatmeal

Halloween 1988

Katie Bozo The Clown

1988 Halloween Katie Clown.png

Halloween 1990

Curious Oatmeal George & Chuck Ricky Norris Ninja

halloween 1990

Halloween 1991

Captain American Rick, Clown Joey, Raccoon Crystal

halloween 91 1991 '91 clown raccoon capain america rick joey arnold oatmeal crystal

Post-Halloween 1992

Super Crystal Girl & Mega Joey Turtle Man - December '92

superman superwoman super man woman boy girl costume crystal ann arnold joey oatmeal 1992 92 oregon forest grove fg sis bro sister brother family ghetto rose grove or pdx usa america halloween 1990's 90's 90 before cali california ca disneyland disney npc

Halloween 1993

Astronaut Oatmeal Joey - To Infinite & Beyond

joey arnold 1993 halloween

Halloween 1993

Fairy Crystal & Detective Rick

1993 crystal rick halloween

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