Halloween 1993

Outer Limits.

Going where no young space cadet has gone before for Halloween 1993.
To infinity & beyond, for a bowl of oatmeal?

Space Jam?

Went through a space phase (hobby) around the age of eight, wanted to be an astronaut, especially after we rented a Whiz Bang (not Wish Bank or Wish Bone) video about NASA and how they prepare to orbit the stars. Was also getting into Star Trek: Next Generation which stars Captain Jean-Luc Picard over James T. Kirk and Commander Data over Spock. Later, got into Star Wars.

Danger, Oatmeal Will Robinson?

1993-10-31 Halloween-3.png

Dick Tracy?

My brother, Rick, for Halloween '93, was some guy with a tie. Maybe Sherlock Holmes. Maybe some kind of detective like Dick Tracy or something. I was an astronaut.

1993-10-31 Halloween-4.png

Halloween 1993

By Joey Arnold

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in July of 2018

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