Luthier's Corner

Luthiers can come here for guitars. Here are some photos of some of the guitars we have at our music store currently. Come while supplies last. Come while you still can. You can email us at for more information.

If you don't know, Luthiers are repairers, builders, of string instruments, generally, like guitars for example. You could try to buy an OLDER guitar on sale, like for a cheaper price than you would for a NEWER guitar, and then you could try to fix it up. That is what a luthier does. Ask us about discounts. If you don't already know, our music store is called the Shelton Music LLC store and it is in a small city, a small town called Shelton, Washington State (WA), United States (U.S.) and Shelton, the city, is near Olympia which is southwest from Seattle by 40 miles or so.

Luthier's Corner Photos:


More Luthier Photos Below:

Please scroll down to see more photos.

Luthier's Corner

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Luthier Photos Below

Luthier Photos are as follow. Please contact us about availability of the products, the guitars, the things we may be selling, and things may be subject to change at any time without notice. Feel free to contact us with feedback, comments, questions, requests, orders, but please do not spam us: no soliciting. Contact us if you are interested in buying, selling, consigning, new, used, classic, vintage, antique, music items, products, instruments, accessories, etc. You can come to our store and look on our community board for information on music lessons and other possible services, etc.

If you are interested in coming to our store, our address is 415 W Railroad Ave, Shelton, WA 98584. Our phone number is 360-358-8298 and our website is


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