A Howdy Ho From My Garden

Hello fellow smokers, just thought I'd share a few photos that I was able to capture this evening in my garden.

I love being out in my garden, yet find myself short on free time. No matter, even if it means molding and plucking by moonlight, you can bet I am tending to my #crop.

I know some of you are familiar with my grow, and with a new platform, some of you are not. So a quick wrap up, I am currently cultivating 2 Snow White(Indica Nirvana Seeds), 1 Vanilla Kush(Hybrid Bag Seed), 1 JC Extreme NoName(Unknown Sativa).

Here are the photos...

Copy of IMG_3137.jpgCopy of IMG_3138.jpgCopy of IMG_3139.jpgCopy of IMG_3140.jpgCopy of IMG_3141.jpg

Really hope you enjoy gawking at these marvelous beauties, I know I find myself on the outside just starring at my #cannabis. It just intrigues awe inside my mind.

Until next time, Toe Toe Toke it up...


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