Presenting the Grimder Card Series to distribute initial mints!!


As we told you, we took control of the ship and send all the human newbies on vacation for a week, apparently, they needed them. We decided to use the new Grimder and put it to work to distribute those precious low mints you guys have been waiting for. All initial 20 pre-minted character cards (sketch, noir, color) and banknotes will be offered to the community as follows. Here's a detailed plan on how we are going to do so.

  • A new card series will be introduced. The Grimder Cards.
  • A lottery will be held to offer the 20 pre-minted units of every one of the collection cards.
  • The Grim Folks will use their Grimder to create specific blends and let users get lottery participation.
  • Users will be able to create as many participations as they wish using the Grimder.
  • Lottery blends will end at least 24h before the lottery takes place in our discord cafe voice channel.
  • Lottery events will be live and recorded. Recordings will be posted online for anyone to check.
  • Winners will have to exchange their participation cards for the corresponding mint they got. If they refuse to exchange 24h after the lottery ends, minted cards will be kept by The Grim Folks to use as they wish.
  • The first lottery winner will get mint #20, second #19, and so on until all cards are given.
  • The GrimFolks will use the exchanged Grinder card series as they wish.
  • If a lottery does not have enough participants to distribute the 20 pre-mints, remaining pre-minted cards will be kept by The Grim Folks as they wish.
  • Blends to create lottery participation will last one week.
  • Lottery Blends will not have a fixed calendar, they will be introduced randomly.

We will start tomorrow with the mints for The Great Burning noir card. The blend will be active at 08:00 pm CET 11:00 am PST.


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