Gridcoin "Gladys" release

[] 2020-11-01, mandatory, "Gladys"

The core team is proud to present the Gladys milestone release, which is a
mandatory upgrade.

This release should really be considered a continuation of the un-milestoned and leisure releases.

The mandatory aspect of the upgrade here is the repair of the "newbie" CPID bug, which
was causing problems for new CPID holders to get paid their rewards. This is fixed
in #1944 and #1947 below.

The transition height ("hard fork") for this mandatory is block 2104000, which
is approximately one month from now. This release may, and should be installed
by everyone as soon as possible because it fixes some other bugs that can cause
problems with individual nodes. In particular, without #1941, a node could rejected
scraper messages and then fail to achieve convergence, which could lead to a stall
or forking. Another corner-case that leads to forking is also resolved by #1934.

Note... the upgrade notification that was in 5.0.0 - 5.0.2 has a bug that says this update is a leisure. There is a bug in it. This upgrade is a mandatory.

Bottom-line.... upgrade!



  • rpc: Add out-of-sync status to "getinfo" and "getblockchaininfo" #1925 (@cyrossignol)
  • gui: add autocomplete to rpc console #1927 (@Pythonix)
  • consensus: Add checkpoint post block v11 transition #1919 (@cyrossignol)
  • researcher: Add -forcecpid configuration option #1935 (@cyrossignol)
  • gui: Adds detection if version is below last mandatory #1939 (@jamescowens)
  • contract: Reimplement legacy administrative contract validation #1943 (@cyrossignol)
  • voting: Add poll choices to "gettransaction" RPC contract output #1948 (@cyrossignol)


  • doc: Fix link in #1924 (@Pythonix)
  • voting: Decrease poll duration to 90 days #1936 (@cyrossignol)
  • refactor: Revert init order to fix rejected net messages #1941 (@cyrossignol)
  • refactor: port amount.h #1937 (@div72)
  • refactor: Normalize boost::filesystem to fs namespace #1942 (@cyrossignol)
  • accrual: Apply accrual for new CPIDs from existing snapshots #1944 (@cyrossignol)
  • accrual: Reset research account when disconnecting first block #1947 (@cyrossignol)


  • refactor: Clean up transitional code for block version 11 #1933 (@cyrossignol)


  • Modify depends packages for openSUSE and other Redhat like distributions and fix mingw bdb53 compile #1932 (@jamescowens)
  • contract: Fix ability to reorganize contracts #1934 (@cyrossignol)
  • accrual: Fix snapshot accrual for new CPIDs #1931 (@cyrossignol)
  • rpc: Clean up getblockstats #1938 (@jamescowens)
  • scraper, rpc: Correct missing mScraperStats initialization in ConvergedScraperStats (@jamescowens)
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