updated to Fern release is a website that enables users to do the following:

  • View the last blocks of the Gridcoin blockchain
  • View all transactions of a specific address.
  • View statistics on the number of transactions.
  • Get free Gridcoins every 24 hours.

To provide all these things, both a MySQL server and a Gridcoin wallet run in the background. To make the site run smoothly in the future, I had to make some adjustments before I could update the Gridcoin wallet. But now the newest version of the Gridcoin wallet is running and the site is ready for the hardfork in October.

Tip: If you have always wondered what the highest difficulty ever was, go to and sort the table by difficulty.

Thanks to all users and of course to all those who support the faucet! Thanks a lot and keep on crunching!

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