Building a Greenhouse

I have been in Eugene, Oregon for 2 weeks now. I am almost done acquiring all my school supplies. However, I have been too busy helping my friend/landlord, Scot, building up his backyard with dirt, soil and building a greenhouse to really start schooling back up. I am behind on doing homework and practicing with this microscope before my assigned mentor from the Soil Food Web school makes first contact in about 4 weeks to start my microscope/compost training.


The last two weeks has really taken a toll on my friend as he has physical ailments preventing him from working like he used to but he did do a lot of work and got a lot accomplished over the past two weeks. He was not in a jovial mood when I filmed the video here, so I decided to film minimally.


Scot did it! He built this greenhouse for his cannabis plants and took my advice on the kinds of compost and soil to use as well! He did a lot of tilling and removal of blackberry bushes that were 13' tall as he just bought this property not even a year ago and has been fixing it up.

My goal here is not to grow cannabis but to simply get as much of this school done as possible this year before having to get a job by years end. I hope to get a Microscope lab certification and some compost piles done by years end. Hopefully, I can supplement my income with the microscope lab work by years end if I do good with the school.

My friends house is on a creek side with a slope.



So a focus for me will be to focus on this hillside, that if it erodes will cause major damage to his house. We have spread out cover crop seeds along the hillside. My friend's cannabis plants only will benefit as well as I will be also applying extracts and teas to them as I treat his property/hillside with microorganisms.

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