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This is a landing page with all of my projects and postsubjects. It will be updated regurly when there is a new version I will update it also in my profile.

Here is a link to my first indexpage yes I finally put one of my ideas to work. because I post different subjects and you want to know who I'am then this is the place to be.
Also I put a few links to help newbees get to know steemit faster. what tools can you use what rules must I follow. How can I get bigger results all of those tips and expanding will be found back down below.
My target is to earn 5000 euro a month with crypto, when I get above that target I wil found a budged to help others.


My introduceyourself document
This is a document everyone should make to begin with. You get exposure and new friends. When you scroll down to the beginning of a profile this is the first post they will see.


Primary witness server
Backup witness server
These posts are about my witness servers.
if you want to reward me for my work vote for me or go to this page and vote for me by filling in greendeliverence at the bottom and push that button.

Dutch profile homepage version

Dutch profile
This is a link to my dutch landing page.


Aquaponics try two day 9
This postchain is about my aquaponicssetup. I build this system to get free fresh food in my house, with fresh air and a few pets in return.

Home blog

Home day 49
This postchain is about my time during home. I don't work anymore until I really need it. It will be a few months sabbatical before I work again.

Coming around from 10 euro's a week

Cook for a week with €10,= week 5.6
This postchain is about coming around from 10 euro's a week, giving updates and tips how you can cook for only 10 euro's a week and my struggle getting there and keeping it.

Handy links for newbies

Band with issue
Check different things on steemworld
The steemit etiquette
Busy the new blockchain facebook
A blockchain YouTube variant d-tube
Steemfest is a yearly event to meet everyone
Automate with steemauto
What is a curationtrail
Get free upvote by swetting in realtime
Steepshot is a blockchain instagram
Steemitworldmap you can link your blog to a location
steemmonsters is an addicting cardgame
vote exchange club
steem reports


If you just starting up with almost no steem here is the place to be to get that steem going good luck.

cury weekly contest
pundito weekly lottery
steemit follow lottery
steem advent calender


In a few posts back I asked a question with a price you can comment on that post to earn some steem.


I want to make my posts better using tools and or gifs.
If you have questions or tips on how I can make my posts better please put it in a comment. The better the posts the more I can help others with it.


Ben je nederlands check dan de alldutch community. Als je vragen hebt over steemit of alldutch ga dan naar de discord van alldutch

I run also a Dutch blog it can be read here
I have a special steemmonsters account here

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