Protect the soil

Recently, whenever we buy vegetables from the market, we find that we have some sort of problems after consuming them. I wash the vegetables and even soak them in hot water but in spite of doing all that, there is some sort of issue like bloating, etc.

Today, I heard Sadhguru speaking about protecting the soil. He warned that if were to contaminate the soil by adding pesticides and such, the richness of the soil would decline and this would lead to the endangerment of all species - humans included.

(farmer selling carrots on the roadside)

How to protect the soil?

For once, we can stop buying produce that is not organic. I realize that it would be costlier but buying such produce not only harms our bodies but also the environment. We can consciously avoid products that are not organic and this includes poultry too.

The next step would be to start planting your own vegetables. it can be spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, gourds, or just about anything that grows in your yard. Once you start it and get to know how it is done, then it will be a smooth process and you will do it again. You can also exchange seeds with nearby farmers. There are online seed banks too.

After each season, try to till the soil and make it ready for the next round of planting. Tilling the soil can be done easily and it will also help unearth the worms that will help enrich the soil. Vegetable wastes and such can be used to form compost and the manure will add nutrients to the soil.
If you cannot do this alone, you can always ask the help of the local agriculture experts or the officials. Please do find out if there are agricultural offices nearby.

Never allow anyone to dump harmful stuff on the land if you can help it. Many factories knowingly dump waste in water bodies and on lands and this affects the beings that thrive on it and indirectly the other beings in the food cycle. In our area, certain food stall owners tried to dump food waste near the paddy fields. They came in the early morning and went off. The next day, they were caught red-handed by the locals and were forced to take back the waste they had dumped. So, such local volunteer groups can be formed to prevent similar crimes.

One way to encourage farming is to introduce it to the school students. The students can be given free seeds and asked to plant them either in their own yards or in the school garden. This way, the children would get first-hand experience of becoming a farmer besides learning the importance of farming, protecting the soil, and nurturing the planet. The nature clubs in our schools remind me of such experiences. When it comes to such activities, children are the best because they will learn to appreciate the food that is grown and also participate with energy and it is also a way to remove gadget addiction as well.

I hope you will remind yourself to plant at least one sapling. Give yourself a farmer badge and wear it proudly.

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