Gas price in Europe soars.


RT Reports:

European gas prices broke new record highs on Wednesday, rising sharply to above $1,900 per 1,000 cubic meters. That is equivalent to $186 per megawatt-hour in household terms.
According to data from the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the price of November futures on the TTF hub in the Netherlands rose to $1,936 per 1,000 cubic meters, as of 8:28am GMT.

What?! Europeans are facing fall and winter with gas prices strangling distribution and threatening industry and citizens alike with deadly cold and even deadlier economic depression and the reason is that "Nord Stream 2”, which is all ready to double delivery of Russian gas and bring gas prices tumbling, benefitting the poorest Europeans and European industry alike, "is still awaiting final authorization from German regulators to turn on the taps.”

Final authorization from German regulators? Are these the same regulators who have vowed to decommission all Nuclear Power Stations, dumping the great majority of German electrical energy production, in favour of windmills and thereby causing the price of electricity to soar? Germany is the leading European country of “Climate Change Crisis” hokum and “Green" insanity. And German people are paying the price for it.

The real problem is that Germany has never regained its independence. Europe has not regained its independence. European governments have abandoned loyalty to their own national populations. The EU has turned out to be a way for the colonizers of post World War Two to extend and solidify their conquest. The UN and NATO are also means toward conquest and colonization, now encroaching Eastward to absorb the former allies of the USSR and squelch their new born independence.

German politics is a mess because Germany continues to be occupied by NATO, as if the Cold War never really ended. As if World War Two never ended. American troops still occupy Germany. And NATO is still the military colonization of Western Europe by the victorious American and British forces just as it was in 1946. So there you have German politics in a nut shell, don’t you? A few years ago a German journalist said it out loud: every major news outlet in Europe, especially German news bureaus, are controlled by the CIA. So when Washington burps Germany gets heartburn. And now that Washington is as demented as Joe Biden, Germany doesn’t seem to know its arse from its elbow.

America is led by people who dream that it’s still 1945 or at least 1960. Led by these people America has been devastated economically, politically and socially by 20 years of a war to “remake” the Middle East and even the whole world by US military force. The high tide of US imperial ambition is retreating because military power is always a product of national productivity and wealth generation, and prolonged war, not to mention permanent war, always exhausts and destroys the government that tries to fight it.

This is why America is splitting apart into warring sides as it has not done since the aftermath of the election of 1860 which led directly to the American Civil War that killed one thirtieth of the population. At least six hundred thousand soldiers’ combat deaths and many many thousands more civilian deaths from starvation and homelessness between 1861 and 1865 were the result of the American ambition to possess North America according to the ideology of Manifest Destiny. It was announced in Washington at the beginning of the 1800s that it was the "manifest destiny” of America to conquer at least the whole of North America.

A war with Mexico in the 1850s was deliberately provoked in order to take California, New Mexico and Arizona after having accepted Texas into the Union. But these new territorial acquisitions made balance and compromise between the slave-holding states of the South and the free states of the North impossible. The country split. But back then America’s involvement in the greater world was scarcely in its infancy. The American Civil War was soon to create the northern industrial behemoth that would capture world leadership in the twentieth century.

It is an epic irony and tragedy that the ancestral ideology of Manifest Destiny lived on and changed into the ambition to be the sole global superpower and now the dream has become a nightmare for the entire world. The twentieth century took 20 years to end but the end is now. Nordsteam Two will be delivering gas soon, depend on it. And Germany and Europe will finally make peace with Russia. Eurasia will take a big step toward independence and self rule. And Imperial America will be left on the beach by the retreating tide of history just as the British Empire was before it.

And will the contradictions in the soul of America finally be attended to and healed? Or will America split once again, and this time permanently? We’ll see.

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