Week 13 Response -- The Unavoidable Truth to Tech Surveillance

This post is a response to the question ["Do you think it is possible to completely escape Big Tech surveillance?"] (@atamme/week-13-questions-the-dangers) posed by @atamme. To me, I feel that this surveillance is pretty much unavoidable. I think that as long as technology is as big and upcoming, there is going to be monitoring on it. I honestly feel that as time goes on and technology advances, the surveillance in place on technology will advance along side it. I feel that there might be some protection and privacy things that can be put in place to prevent the surveillance. I feel that this is also a current solution that can be in place now, however, I do feel that to the normal population, it is too difficult and honestly I feel that majority of the population don't care enough to try and prevent this. I think that this is an interesting point to this discussion as well is does the majority of the population of truly care or notice big tech surveillance. Personally, I feel that this does not affect my life too much and therefore I lean towards the side of not truly caring about it, however I do recognize that it can be an invasion of privacy. I feel that those who do care enough about preventing surveillance can enact things like encryption processes and utilize certain programs. I think this is another factor to discuss and look into; should there be policies, laws, etc. to attempt to regulate and minimize the surveillance? I think that this question depends on many parts, such as the intention behind the surveillance placed. I think that there can be some benefits to surveillance possibly, such as the many security cameras and recording tapes etc. I think that these can be used as protection and good, such as solving crimes and finding people when you need. I think that the dilemma with big tech surveillance is that it has both good and bad consequences, and therefore it is a very give and take situation.
Big tech surveillance

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