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And @silversaver888 is galloping through on the inside, and takes the lead with seconds to spare.


@silversaver888 crosses the finishing line first with a loud cheer from the crowd! comes in a close second followed by @kohsamui99 still in the money.

1st prize 11.11 $GIFT
2nd prize 7.11 $GIFT (declined)
3rd prize 3.11 $GIFT

Prizes, sponsored by, will be distributed within 24 hrs.

i will sponsor the next #ecencyleaderboardrace for the same amounts + the same amounts in #ecencypoints. Time and location to be announced.

Additional sponsors invited (@ecency - do you have some points to spare :-).

Please comment below if you would like to make a sponsorship for the next or subsequent race, be it in any hive-engine tokens, HIVE, HP delegation or PIZZA calls etc.

Official announcement to follow.

Thank you for watching or playing this pilot episode of the #EcencyLeaderboardRace which may become a Decentralised Hive Game using the Matrix-8 Solution for Community Governance.

Find out more about #matrix8 here:

Sat Nam

All photos taken by me with Redmi Note 9 Pro (unless noted otherwise)

#teamuk #proofofbrain #palnet #m8s #matrix8fixesthis

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