Result of the third meeting call of the Golos leaders - launch of DETO

Result of the third meeting call of the Golos leaders - launch of DETO

Hereafter, we are talking only about the project and the Cyberway platform - don't be fooled!

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It was decided to launch this fundraising campaign in order to create the endowment platform to rescue the project golos.

Based on the results of the [Golos’ leaders second meeting] ( (if you need English version ask, please, in post comments) and The rescue plan, as well as the public reaction, in the discussion on May 16, 2021, at 12:00 Moscow time in the telegram voice chat “Top 30 Leaders and Team”, it was decided to launch a fundraising DeFi Endowment Token Offering (DETO) based on a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT)

Golos Rescue

Based on the circumstances indicated by the president of the association, the amended plan is the following:

  1. Donations will be collected in USDT, Cyber, and Russian rubles. Rubles will be converted into USDT at the exchange rate of the Russian Central Bank at the time of conversion. USDT will be invested into several DeFi projects. All ROI will be spent on server fees.
  2. All collection methods and instructions will be published on launch DETO day (28.07.2021) at (done).
  3. The investments balance will be operable using the GOLOS token (hereafter - the endowment token) to preserve the continuity of the name. The tokens will be issued on the Binance Smart Chain and distributed to participants of DETO in accordance with the routes indicated in the transfer memo (kindly fill it in properly during the transfer).
  4. For managing funds using multisig the platform platform (or similar) and the type of decentralized autonomous organization - DAC will be used, after passing the audit by FinTechAssociation experts (otherwise, use multisig).
  5. Add the keys of the created endowment team from enthusiasts of Fincubator to DAC (multisig):,,
  6. Whales with 30% or more tokens can enter the DAC. After entering the DAC, if the whale decreases its share of token ownership below 30%, he will be removed from the DAC.
  7. Transfer of one-tenth of all contributions will go to the team to cover the costs of organizing all events.
  8. The DETO term is one month.
  9. After the completion of fees the number of tokens will be defined according to the following scheme:
    a. 300 tokens issued for every USDT collected
    b. out of the new GOLOS issued against the collected USDT, one third to be issued for all collected Cyber, but not more than one GOLOS for Cyber to be issued
    c. If in the transfers memo in USDT, in addition to the address in the Binance Smart Chain, there will be an address in Cyberway - 2 GOLOS tokens will be sent to Binance Smart Chain and the amount of Cyber in the sum of one GOLOS token will be sent to Cyberway
    d. Freeze 6,142,500 tokens for two years in the account of an investor who invested 20,475 USDT for the preparation of the code, writing the basic documentation and research
  10. Determine the lifetime of the endowment - one year after the completion of the distribution of tokens with the possibility of renewal
  11. Since the server has already been purchased on credit, double the entire server memory
  12. Launch the simplest version of the client, similar to, to minimize the costs of maintaining the server and the work of software engineers. Based on the negative result of the experiments of launching the Cyberway node on the arm platform - launch the node and services on the same server
  13. When the client is up, ensure the server is running smoothly
  14. Accept the domain from the Cyberfund in the management of the president of the association until further decisions by the Golos` leaders, but for at least a year
  15. Since not all functionality is available in the current version of the client, we need to improve the minimum comfortable functionality for all surplus from income: key management, transfer of any token, etc.
  16. Create a decentralized pool of liquidity of tokens to USDT for the exchange of tokens by the community, if other interested exchange platforms appear - provide all the necessary information and promote
  17. When the client is raised, develop a resource development plan, promotion options, etc. Development of gateways for interaction with other blockchains, participation in decentralized finance projects, a constructor of the economy of each community, the release of books, characters, and other works can act as a long-term goal. digital art through NFT, and even a transition to another blockchain that has team support, a community, and is constantly evolving, like the Cosmos ecosystem, which even has ibc (inter-blockchain transactions)

Within a week after the publication in Russian of the third call meeting result, if the Golos` leaders have no objections - consider the DETO launched!

Save Golos, give a chance for revival!
Ask your questions in the leaders' or in the FinTechAssociation’s telegram groups.

Aleksandr Kwaskoff, president of FinTechAssociation

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