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It perpetually happens that with every new system that emerges, we have a tendency to think we should be saving our passwords to access them. The banking systems, the e-mail accounts, blogs, all our non-public keys of our digital wallets and every one styles of counseling, are perpetually vulnerable by external (theft) or internal (loss, forgetting, corrupt information, etc) reasons, thus we have a tendency to explore for the simplest way to keep this info safe, secret and at hand. Fortunately, as with many blockchain technologies Goldilock has an answer to this problem, and can firmly shield our most vital digital info, forever having it at our fingertips.

What is Goldilock?

Goldilock is ecosystem supported blockchain technology that protects non-public keys (hence cryptocurrencies) and sensitive information of individuals and establishments through a hybrid system that mixes the benefits from hot and cold storages.

Goldilock physically disconnects your sensitive information and your keys from the net and makes use of a multi-factor authentication to attach your information back to the net after you want it, in spite of wherever you're. therefore they continue to be assured, removed from the danger of intruders and hacker UN agency live assaultive the systems that ar on-line.

Goldilock not solely will safeguard your non-public keys, It may also shield alternative digital assets such as: personal info, credit information, bank accounts, medical records and additional.


Goldilock billfold

  • The Goldilock billfold are going to be launched throughout the second quarter of 2018. at the start it'll work with modern, GAS tokens and NEP-5 tokens. Later it'll work with alternative cryptocurrencies.

  • This billfold can at the start come back for internet version and can add constant means as explained on top of, that is, all of your sensitive info (private keys), ar separated or offline till you activate it via phonephone. Goldilock can watch out of saving your keys in an exceedinglyn encrypted means in a distinctive physical billfold (hardware). This billfold are going to be accessed via the net through Associate in Nursing exclusive personalised universal resource locator.

  • Goldilock API Services
    Once the billfold is finished, Goldilock can produce API services, beside its libraries and documentation thus developers or organizations will improve their security victimization the Goldilock hybrid service and its "airgap" resolution (patent pending).

These arthropod genus may also be integrated into dApps (decentralized applications).

NEO Blockchain

Goldilock implements their system into modern blockchain for many reasons ecosystem briefly words is as a result of modern establishes an "intelligent economy" that mixes digital identity, digital assets, and sensible contract.

NEO will verify digital identities victimization the X.509 digital certification commonplace, verification is finished victimization all sorts of media, such as: Voice recognition, facial identification, SMS, fingerprints, among others.

NEO uses a additional "green" agreement mechanism since it's less energy consumption, since it doesn't use the captive (Proof of Work) nor the PoS (Proof of Stake) however has its own mechanism known as "Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance" (dBFT) wherever a governance system is outlined with delegates UN agency decide by agreement to simply accept transactions.

Obviously, the previous reason makes the transactions within the modern blockchain a lot of quicker. modern will perform ten,000 dealingss per second no transaction value. permitting therefore to make safe and economical transactions.

Another peculiarity of modern, sensible contracts is programmed victimization proverbial languages (such as C or javascript), that makes it easier for developers to make them while not learning a replacement language from scratch.

NEO manages 2 tokens, the modern and therefore the GAS token.

There are several alternative benefits of this blockchain technology over alternative existing ones, however, if you wish to grasp additional concerning modern you'll be able to visit the subsequent link.

The LOCK Token

Goldilock can produce its own native token known as LOCK (NEP-5 plus at intervals NEO), in order that users will access the Goldilock billfold. The Goldilock system can verify that the user has LOCK tokens in their account to relinquish access to the billfold platform; likewise, the LOCK tokens are going to be wont to register audit records of every user’s dealings within the non-public Goldilock blockchain. These records is also consulted by the user at any time.

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Use Cases

Crypto Exchanges

The companies of cryptocurrency exchange, as i discussed before, ar an answer to own a digital billfold and to exchange cryptocurrencies, however, by being incessantly connected ar victims of felony because of attacks by hackers and malicious entities. Goldilock represents an answer for this sort of firms as a result of non-public keys are going to be safer with the "airgap" mechanism, since they're going to be isolated from the net, therefore protective the users' assets.

Your own rounded billfold

One of the foremost vital things that one ought to do (which I didn't apprehend till now) once making a billfold or having cryptocurrencies is to safeguard the non-public key of your wallets. the matter, as we saw, the safest choices (cold digital wallets) ar vulnerable to felony, loss or just may well be broken. With Goldilock, we'd not have that drawback, since it'd be accountable of protective not solely our non-public keys of our cryptocurrencies, however conjointly might safeguard and shield another form of info or sensitive information of ours (passwords, mastercard info, KYC, etc). Giving North American nation the protection of accessing them from anyplace and at any time.

Secure Digital Vault

Goldilock will safely store and physically disconnected from the net, info like IDs, every kind of passwords, bank accounts, KYC info and alternative non-public information. The system conjointly permits the user to firmly share bound non-public info if necessary (such as medical records, contracts, etc), this operate should be activated with LOCK tokens.

Credit Agencies

It is documented that credit accounts ar perpetually hacked. around, last year, quite one hundred fifty million cardholders are victims of felony. With the utilization of Goldilock system, it's avoided that user's credit info, unbroken by the websites of credit agencies, should be perpetually on-line. during this means, only necessary, the counseling is place on-line for an exact amount of your time, whereas the credits ar approved.


Representatives from one in every of the 3 largest banks within the us up on the Goldilock team that they're inquisitive about victimization Goldilock technology within the interbank transactions method. However, the implementation of Goldilock on banks remains to be mentioned throughout the half of 2018.

Healthcare Records

The objective of Goldilock is to permit health professionals, patients and their families and insurance agents, not solely to own secure access to medical records, however conjointly to own the likelihood of sharing them in an exceedingly safe and immutable means among medical personnel, laboratories and body and insurance employees. guaranteeing during this means that counseling doesn't fall under the incorrect hands or is taken or altered.

GDPR Compliance

Governments today ar realizing the requirement to stay the counseling of voters safe. thus there ar governments that ar imposing personal information protection laws, with millions in fines for those firms that don't use security systems that protects the knowledge. Such is that the case of the ecu Union's General information Protection Regulation (GDPR), that imposes fines of up to twenty million euros for not protective the private information of shoppers. This represents a chance for Goldilock, to be ready to supply its protection service as commonplace to firms and technology suppliers, once they patent their resolution.


We have seen that Goldilock is already creating a protection system attainable, though it's patent unfinished, which can secure in an exceedingly extraordinary means our counseling keeping it at hand anyplace and at any time. This new system uses the simplest advantages of cold and hot storage, permitting our counseling (passwords, non-public keys, accounts, etc.) to be fully isolated from the net through the "airgap" mechanism and that they are going to be accesible whenever and where we'd like them. a good advantage to stay our digital assets protected.

Not solely advantages users or people, the Goldilock system is enforced in money or exchange organizations, to relinquish additional protection to the info they keep on-line perpetually.

Definitely Goldilock can impose a security commonplace that ought to be adopted by all sorts of organizations that handle our most precious info (medical records, KYC, credit info, etc.).



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