They Will Not NOT be Confiscating Gold This Time

Many people are afraid that The US govern-cement will confiscate gold like that did back in 1933. Ordering people to turn it in to the Fed.

However, this will not happen, for many reasons.

  • Gold is now an international market
  • Telling people to turn in their gold will cause a panic in the market, sending the price of gold into the stratosphere (around the world).
  • There is already plans for confiscating gold out of safety deposit boxes that does not require a new executive order, and the subsequent panic. (this is the gold they got last time)
  • People who have gold will probably hide it like they did last time. (so don't alert them)

But, they are coming for your gold.

The laws have already been passed.
The plans have already been drawn up.
The excuses have already been put into code.

The law allows the govern-cement, and specifically the agency who's flag is show above, to seize any items from a suspected terror-type person.

And, the National Socialist Accessories have signs of a terror-type person as anyone who has a stockpile of:

  • food, more than three weeks.
  • guns and ammunition.
  • GOLD

So, there will not be an executive order demanding you turn in your gold. The Non-Security Advents will be coming to your door to collect what is theirs.

- - - - - - -

All images in this post are my own original creations.
Flag from wikicommons

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